Photograph a humanoid similar to an astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness

Photograph a humanoid similar to an astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness

Scotland is a country famous for its extensive mythology. From goblins and fairies to feminine and aquatic spirits, it has at least as many legends as real stories. But not all Scottish legends are simple fairy tales. The constituent nation has many paranormal myths and ghost stories that are as terrifying as they are mysterious.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

And the truth is that as you move towards winter, Scotland becomes a twilight place with its short days and long dark nights. The atmosphere has influenced popular superstitions. In Scotland, you can expect the unexpected. Whether in the tallest tower of an imposing castle, deep in a dark forest, or just below the surface of a large lake, it is not uncommon to experience something that simply can not be explained.

Scottish folklore is full of quirky stories and mysterious, sometimes sinister stories, whose origin is forgotten times. Among all his legends we find the Green Lady, the vampire of the necropolis of Glasgow, the queen of the Scottish witches, without forgetting the monster of Loch Ness . It is in this last place that the new event is centered. A tourist claims to have photographed a mysterious astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

The “astronaut” of Loch Ness

Thomas Pope, a worker at a golf course in Somerset, England, was visiting Loch Ness with a group of people. It was the first time he visited the famous Scottish lake, as he was always attracted to one of the best-known legends of our history, the Loch Ness Monster. At one point, Thomas took advantage of the moment when the other members of the group were resting to photograph a bridge.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

humanoid lake ness - Photograph a humanoid similar to an astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness

At first he did not see anything unusual, but when he later reviewed the photo he discovered a strange silhouette, which he could appreciate better by zooming. The 38-year-old Englishman was speechless when he saw what appeared to be a mysterious appearance very similar to an astronaut. As seen in the picture, on the bridge of the Scottish lake there seems to be a strange humanoid with some kind of space suit, white, even has a kind of helmet with a dark visor that hides his face.

Without thinking twice, he showed the image to a friend, who also saw the mysterious “astronaut” in the background , on the bridge.

“I did not see the strange figure when I was taking the picture, I discovered it later and I zoomed in to see it better, ” Thomas told the British tabloid Daily Star . “It’s really weird, I just can not explain it.”

Thomas acknowledges being a lover of everything related to the paranormal and the extraterrestrial theme, so he believes that the mysterious astronaut may be related to the legendary astronaut of Solway , another humanoid similar to an astronaut who appeared in a 1964 photo behind a girl. As we already published in Esoteric and Paranormal World, the famous photo was taken by firefighter Jim Templeton during a field day with his wife and daughter near Burgh by Sands, overlooking the Solway Fjord in Cumbria, England.

Templeton made a series of photos of her daughter sitting on the grass with a bouquet of wildflowers. In the first pictures there seemed to be nothing strange, but in another there was a strange figure behind the head of his daughter. Much has been written about Solway’s astronaut, but today it remains a mystery.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

humanoid astronaut lake ness - Photograph a humanoid similar to an astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness

And as often happens with this type of photographs, the astronaut of Loch Ness has not gone unnoticed by Internet users. The believers in the supernatural assure that it is a humanoid being and that it is not a coincidence that it has appeared in Loch Ness, since they consider that Nessie could be of extraterrestrial origin.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

However, the most skeptical believe that the image of Thomas is a simple assembly made with some type of program type Photoshop, or even some type of pareidolia.(astronaut on a bridge in Loch Ness)

And what do you think? Is it a humanoid being similar to an astronaut? Or is it a montage?

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The sinister warnings of Stephen Hawking before his death for humanity

we have lost one of the brightest minds on the planet,  Stephen Hawking . The brilliant British astrophysicist has died at the age of 76, which has caused a great shock in the entire scientific community. Whether you are a believer in the supernatural or the most skeptical mind, it is undeniable that Hawking was considered one of the best theoretical physicists since Albert Einstein .  Despite suffering a motor neuron disease related to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) since the early 1960s, he even published studies explaining some of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos, such as black holes and the beginning of the Universe, as well as several books, including the best seller“Brief history of time”.(warnings of Stephen Hawking)

But his death has also left curious coincidences that unites Hawking with Einstein and Galileo. On March 14, Pi Day is celebrated. In addition, Albert Einstein was born on March 14, so, along with the birthday of the German physicist, the world of science will also remember the day that Stephen Hawking died. Not to mention that Einstein and Hawking died at the age of 76. And, as if that were not enough, Stephen Hawking was born on January 8, 1942, exactly 300 years after the death of Galileo on January 8, 1642. As we can see even Hawking has left an indelible mark on the minds of all of us.(warnings of Stephen Hawking)

And while Hawking will always be remembered for his theories about black holes, the nature of spacetime and the origins of the universe, before his death he also left a warning message for humanity. Humans must leave Earth in the next 200 years if we want to survive.(warnings of Stephen Hawking)

Hawking’s warnings

That was the harsh warning issued by Professor Stephen Hawking in the months before his death, today at the age of 76. The already legendary British physicist believed that life on Earth could be annihilated by a disaster such as an asteroid attack, the rebellion of machines or an extraterrestrial invasion .(warnings of Stephen Hawking)

warnings stephen hawking humanity - The sinister warnings of Stephen Hawking before his death for humanity warnings of Stephen Hawking

He also warned that overpopulation, human violence and climate change  could lead to the self-destruction of humanity. Professor Hawking said before his death that, if our species wants to have any hope of survival, future generations will have to start a new life in space. Here are some of his sinister warnings for humanity:

Climate change: One of Hawking’s main concerns for the planet was global warming. Hawking said that one day the Earth will resemble the planet Venus, with temperatures above 460 ° C if we do not reduce greenhouse gas emissions. He also believed that President Donald Trump’sdecision to withdraw from the Paris Agreement has condemned our planet. He warned that Trump’s decision would cause damage to our “beautiful planet” for generations to come.

Asteroid attacks:  If global warming does not annihilate us, Hawking believed that the Earth would be destroyed by an asteroid. Because of this the astrophysicist was working on the Breakthrough Starshot project of Russian billionaire Yuri Milner to send a fleet of small ‘nanoships’ with light sails on a four-light-year journey to Alpha Centauri, the closest star system to Earth.(warnings of Stephen Hawking)

Artificial intelligence will replace humans:  Professor Hawking said that artificial intelligence(AI) will soon reach a level where it will be a ‘new way of life that will surpass humans’. He even went so far as to say that AI can replace humans completely, although he did not specify a timeline for his predictions. And the most chilling thing of all is that he believed that the robotic apocalypse is imminent and that it would take “some form of government” to control the technology.(warnings of Stephen Hawking)

Human violence:  Hawking had already warned that violence is humanity’s biggest problem and that it could ‘destroy everything’. The prediction was made in 2015 in response to a question about what human deficiencies were to be changed. He added that the development of militarized technology and weapons of mass destruction could make this instinct even more dangerous. The solution: More empathy  for human emotions and unite in a state of love.

hawking warnings - The sinister warnings of Stephen Hawking before his death for humanity

Extraterrestrial:  One of the most surprising warnings of Hawking was referring to civilizations from other worlds . He warned that if we ever find extraterrestrials, they will probably exterminate us.

“As I get older, I’m more convinced that we are not alone, ” Hawking said. “Knowing an advanced civilization could be like Native Americans when they met Columbus. That did not go so well. “

The British scientific popularizer said that any alien civilization would be much more powerful than ours.

Overpopulation :  The famous scientist also warned that a catastrophe caused by man could mean the end for our species. He warned that humans could not survive another 1,000 years on the ‘fragile’ Earth.(warnings of Stephen Hawking)

These are the warnings that Professor Hawking left us before his death. And as we can see, the dangers that we face seem to have no solution. But what is clear that whatever happens, Stephen Hawking has left a great legacy for what remains of history. See you soon, professor.

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Stephen Hawking: Black holes and the history of time

Stephen Hawking, British theoretical physicist, is known for his attempts to combine general relativity with quantum theory and for his contributions wholly related to cosmology. Hawking has a privileged brain, like few others.

Stephen William Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford, England. His parents’ house was in North London, but during the Second World War it was considered that Oxford was a safer place to have children. When he was eight years old, his family moved to St Albans, a town about 20 miles north of London.

Stephen Hawking

At eleven Stephen went to the St Albans School, and then to the University College in Oxford, his father’s old school. Stephen wanted to do Mathematics, even though his father would have preferred Medicine. As Mathematics could not be studied in the University College, he chose Physics instead. After three years and not much work he was awarded the first class title with honors in Natural Sciences.

Stephen then went to Cambrigde to investigate in Cosmology. After winning the PhD in Philosophy he became a researcher, and later Professor in the Colleges of Gonville and Caius. After leaving the Institute of Astronomy in 1973, he entered the Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, and since 1979 he holds the position of Professor Lucasiano de Matemáticas, occupied years ago by Isaac Newton.

Stephen Hawking has worked on the basic laws that govern the universe. Together with Roger Penrose, he showed that Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity implies that space and time must have a beginning in the Big Bang and an end in black holes. Such results point to the need to unify General Relativity with Quantum Theory, the other great scientific development of the first half of the 20th century.

Stephen Hawking, black holes

One consequence of such unification was that the black holes were not entirely black, but could emit radiation and eventually evaporate and disappear. Another conjecture is that the universe has no borders or limits in imaginary time. This would imply that the way the universe began is completely determined by the laws of science.

Later he refined this concept considering all these theories as secondary attempts to describe a reality, in which concepts such as singularity have no meaning and where space and time form a closed surface without borders. He has written History of Time: from the Big Bang to black holes (1988) and other works that have become bestsellers. Hawking has made important contributions to science while fighting against amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, an incurable disease of the nervous system. In 1989 he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for Concord.

Stephen Hawking without gravity

Professor Hawking has twelve honorary doctorates, has won the CBE in 1982 and was appointed Honorary Fellow in 1989. He is the recipient of numerous awards, prizes and medals and is an Honorary Member of the Royal Society and the US National Academy of Sciences . Stephen Hawking combines family life and his research in theoretical physics, along with an extensive travel and conference program.

Hawking has also made a series of predictions about the dangers that could end with Humanity: artificial intelligence, human aggression and … the aliens!

In the words of the scientist, ” If the aliens ever visit us, I think the result would be like when Christopher Columbus landed for the first time in America, which did not turn out well for the natives .” The British scientist believes that extraterrestrial civilizations would reach Earth to conquer or colonize it.

Stephen Hawking at home

Endowed with a fine irony, his theories and affirmations have been almost always surprising and often misunderstood. In one of his last appearances he affirmed that ” what existed before the Big Bang was, basically, nothing “. That is, nothing that could have existed before has something to do with what came later. Therefore, it can not be contemplated in any theory. At the time of that great explosion, the universe was a singularity, where all the laws of physics would cease to apply.

Professor Stephen Hawking, the physicist who revolutionized science and our understanding of the Universe, died at his home in Cambridge on March 14, 2018, at 76 years of age.

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Everything you need to know about “ANTIMATTER”


In 1930, the famous English theoretical physicist Paul Dirac, deriving the relativistic equation of motion for the electron field, also obtained a solution for some other particle with the same mass and opposite, positive, electric charge. The only known particle at that time with a positive charge – a proton, could not be this double, because it differed significantly from the electron, including thousands of times more.

History of discovery

Later, in 1932, the American physicist Carl Anderson confirmed Dirac’s predictions. Studying the cosmic rays, he discovered the electron antiparticle, which today is called the positron. After 23 years, antiprotons were found on the American accelerator, and a year later – an antineutron.

Particles and antiparticles

Image result for particles and antiparticles

As is known, any elementary particle has a number of characteristics, numbers, describing it. Among them are the following:

  • Mass is a physical quantity that determines the gravitational interaction of an object.
  • Spin is the momentum of an elementary particle.
  • Electric charge is a characteristic that indicates the possibility of creating an electromagnetic field by the body, and participation in electromagnetic interaction.
  • The color charge is an abstract concept that explains the interaction of quarks and the formation of other particles – hadrons.

Also other different quantum numbers that determine the properties and states of particles. If we describe the antiparticle, then in simple language it is a mirror image of a particle with the same mass and electric charge. Why are scientists so interested in particles that are just kind of similar and partly different from their originals?

It turned out that the collision of a particle and an antiparticle leads to annihilation – their destruction, and the release of the corresponding energy in the form of other high-energy particles, that is, a small explosion. Motivates to the study of antiparticles and the fact that a substance consisting of antiparticles (antimatter) is not independently formed in nature, according to observations of scientists.

General information about antimatter

Proceeding from the above, it becomes clear that the observed universe consists of matter, matter. However, following the known physical laws, scientists are sure that due to the Big Bang, matter and antimatter must be formed in an equal quantity, which we do not observe. Obviously, our ideas about the world are incomplete, and either scientists have missed something in their calculations, or somewhere outside our visibility, in the remote parts of the universe there is a corresponding amount of antimatter, so to speak, “the world from antimatter.”

This question of antisymmetry seems to be one of the most well-known unsolved physical problems.

According to modern ideas, the structure of matter and antimatter is almost not different, for the reason that the electromagnetic and strong interactions that determine the structure of matter act equally on both particles and antiparticles. This fact was confirmed in November 2015 at the RHIC collider in the US, when Russian and foreign scientists measured the strength of the interaction of antiprotons. It turned out to be equal to the strength of proton interaction.

Image result for hydrogen and antihydrogen

Obtaining antimatter

What is antimatter? For understanding it is enough to give the following example. The simplest substance, the hydrogen atom consists of a single proton, which determines the nucleus, and an electron that rotates around it. So, antihydrogen is antimatter, the atom of which consists of an antiproton and a positron revolving around it. The production of antiparticles usually occurs when particle-antiparticle pairs are formed. If in the collision of an electron and its antiparticle – a positron, two gamma quanta are released, then a high-energy gamma quantum interacting with the electric field of the atomic nucleus will be needed to create an electron-positron pair. In the laboratory, this can occur on accelerators or in experiments with lasers. In natural conditions – in pulsars and near black holes, as well as in the interaction of cosmic rays with certain types of matter.

General view of the ASACUSA installation at CERN

(General view of the ASACUSA installation at CERN intended for obtaining and studying antihydrogen)

Despite the simple formulation, it is rather difficult to synthesize the antihydrogen. And yet in 1995, at the LEAR accelerator at CERN, scientists managed to create 9 atoms of such antimatter, which lived only 40 nanoseconds and disintegrated.+

0.28 attogramm (10 – Later, a magnetic trap, which is kept 38 Antihydrogen atoms within 172 milliseconds (0.172 seconds), and after 170 thousand atoms Antihydrogen was created using massive devices -18 gram). Such a volume of antimatter can be sufficient for further study, and this is a success

The cost of antimatter

Today we can confidently say that the most expensive substance in the world is not California, regolith or graphene, and, of course, not gold, but antimatter. According to NASA estimates, the creation of one milligram of positrons will cost about 25 million dollars, and 1 g of anti-hydrogen is estimated at 62.5 trillion dollars. Interestingly, the nanogram of antimatter, the volume that was used for 10 years in CERN’s experiments, cost the organization hundreds of millions of dollars.


The study of antimatter carries in itself a potential for humanity. The first and most interesting device, theoretically working on antimatter, is the warp engine. Some can remember one of the famous series “Star Trek” (“Star Trek”), the engine was powered by a reactor, which operates on the basis of the principle of annihilation of matter and antimatter.

The ship from the movie Startrek

The ship from the movie Startrek

In fact, there are several mathematical models of such an engine, and according to their calculations, few future antiparticles will be needed for the spacecraft of the future. Thus, a seven-month flight to Mars can be reduced in duration to a month, due to 140 nanograms of antiprotons, which will act as a catalyst for nuclear fission in the ship’s reactor. Thanks to such technologies, intergalactic flights can also be realized, which will allow a person to study in detail other star systems, and in the future to colonize them.

However, antimatter, like many other scientific discoveries, can pose a threat to humanity. As is known, the most terrible catastrophe, the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, was carried out with the help of two atomic bombs, the total mass of which is 8.6 tons, and the power is about 35 kilotons. But in the collision of 1 kg of substance and 1 kg of antimatter, an energy equal to 42 960 kilotons is released. The most powerful bomb ever devised by mankind – AN602 or the “Tsar Bomb” released energy of about 58,000 kilotons, but weighed 26.5 tons! Summarizing all of the above, we can say with confidence that technology and inventions based on antimatter can lead humanity, both to an unprecedented breakthrough, and to complete self-destruction.

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Indian Illuminati: Nine Unknown Men (Possessors of Incredible Knowledge)

The tradition of the Nine Unknowns goes back to the mythical Ashoka, emperor of the Indies – key figure of ancient sacred India, he pacified a vast empire under the Buddhist religion from 273 BCE.(Indian Illuminati)

Son of Kshatriya – caste of noble warriors – born to manage his kingdom by force and trained in the arts of war, “Ashoka undertook the conquest of the Kalinga country which extended from Calcutta to Madras. The Kalinganans resisted and lost a hundred thousand men in the battle. The sight of this slaughtered multitude shocked Ashoka. He took the war abhorrent forever. He renounced the pursuit of the integration of enemy countries, declaring that true conquest consists in winning the hearts of men by the law of duty and piety. For the Sacred Majesty desires all animate beings to enjoy security, self-determination, peace and happiness. Convert to Buddhism. Ashoka, by the example of his virtues, spread this religion throughout the Indies and throughout his empire, which extended as far as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Ceylon. Then Buddhism went to Nepal, Tibet, China and Mongolia. Ashoka, however, respected all religious sects. Promoting vegetarianism, he made the sacrifices disappear. Among the tens of thousands of names of monarchs that pile in the columns of history, the name of Ashoka shines almost alone, like a star. ” (Indian Illuminati)

In a striking way, the noble and peaceful Ashoka reminds us of another emperor of the East and Indies, the illustrious Rama who reigned two millennia earlier on an even larger empire , and who might well have served as a model for the Emperor Ashoka … or to his literary inventors. Rama the Enchanter could have inflicted too – why not? – the historical Buddha, also son of Prince, also raised as a warrior, who also suddenly renounces all violence and all his earthly possessions, as Rama did withdrawing to Tibet under the name / title of Lama. Be that as it may, Ashoka had placed himself under the protection of famous models.

“It is said that instructed by the horrors of war, the Emperor Ashoka always wished to forbid men the evil use of intelligence. Under his reign, the science of nature, past and future, enters the secret. Research going from the structure of matter to the techniques of collective psychology will now be concealed, and for twenty-two centuries, behind the mystical face of a people that the world no longer thinks of anything but ecstasy and the supernatural. Ashoka founds the most powerful secret society of the earth:(Indian Illuminati)




Imagination sees the power of secrets that can hold nine men directly benefiting from the experiments, works, documents accumulated for more than two tens of centuries. What are the goals of these men? Do not let the means of destruction fall into profane hands. Pursue beneficial research for humanity. These men would be renewed by cooptation to keep the technical secrets from the distant past. The Nine Unknowns would use a synthetic language. Each of them would be in possession of a constantly rewritten book containing the detailed exposition of a science.

 “The first of these books would be devoted to propaganda techniques and psychological warfare.  as well as the electronic techniques of controlling the thoughts of a subject or a crowd.”

“The second book would be devoted to physiology. It would notably provide the means of killing a man by touching him, death occurring by inversion of the nerve impulse. “ It would also give all known techniques of pressure on different points of the body to cause unconsciousness, death or chronic lesions. He would add, of course, all the means to heal these troubles, including the resurrection techniques.

“The third would study microbiology, including protective colloids. “ It would look especially genetics, and it also would detail the wave mechanisms that repair organs and living tissues. It would also include a complete treatise on Sonology , or the science of the virtues and properties of sound in the different frequency ranges.

“The fourth deals with transmutation of metals” and their secret properties such as hydrophilicity and hydrophobia, which have played a central role in the construction of ultrafast vessels . Atlanteans are said to have invented alchemy – why not? – they invented everything! In any case, since then, Ashoka’s Nine Unknowns keep the secret of alchemical gold … but not always: “A legend has it that in times of scarcity, temples and relief agencies receive from secret sources of great quantity of a very fine gold. “

“The fifth would include the study of all means of communication, terrestrial and extraterrestrial. “ It deals with the transportation of people and goods, including teleportation – it also lists the ancient and current media-including those we do not yet know. “The sixth would contain the secrets of gravitation. “The Gravitologie, other science invented by the Atlanteans, allows to remove their weight to the heaviest loads, potentially helping them to build cyclopean walls and other pyramids.




“The seventh would be the largest cosmogony conceived by our humanity” There are large traces in the cosmogony of the American Indians and especially in the theory of knowledge described by Carlos Castaneda, a model to which I have often referred in these pages.

“The eighth would deal with light. “ More broadly, it would be dedicated to the operational mode subtle cosmo-telluric energy, including atmospheric energy and nerve impulses that the Atlanteans associate with electricity and they called Vril energy or simply pril.

“The ninth book would identify all the techniques to achieve enlightenment, also called enlightenment. “Some of these techniques with the disadvantage to the applicant to finish grilled or zombified by black magicians, using mind control techniques described in the first book. He would enumerate Trepanation, Ayahuasca potions, and various electroshocks, including lightning. He would also present Fulgurology, a science to which we know nothing yet.

“Apart from religious, social, political, resolutely and perfectly concealed agitations, the Nine Inconnu embody the image of a serene science, of a science with conscience. Myth or reality ? Super myth anyway, come from the depths of time, and surf of the future. “(Indian Illuminati)

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Portal on the water leaves swimmers in Lake of California surprised

A group of swimmers in California were surprised after discovering a mysterious hole that appeared in Lake Berryessa, which was shared on social networks, while they wondered if they had found a “portal to hell”.(Portal on the water)

«Portal on the water» leaves swimmers in Lake of California surprised

The video was published on Reddit, where it gained great popularity. The clip currently has more than 150,000 views and has left viewers terrified.(Portal on the water)

One comment read: “Why is there a giant hole in the middle of the lake where people swim, and why is not there a rope?”

Another said: “That seems very insecure.”

And a third added: “Right there is the portal to Hell.”

However, the giant hole was actually an artificial spillway, also known as Glory Hole.

The tunnel is used to drain the lake and prevent it from overflowing.

Lake Berryessa can hold about 521 billion gallons of water before the excess begins to flow into the spillway.

Credit: SG

The Glory Hole drains all the excess water.

In 1997, the swimmer Emily Schwalek died after being dragged by Glory Hole.

It was reported that the Schwalek was swimming towards an open hole and spent 20 minutes holding onto the edge before disappearing from sight.

Last year, the Lake Berryessa reservoir reached its maximum capacity for the first time in 11 years.

This comes after a bottomless crater was discovered in Siberia.(Portal on the water)

The images of the crater have been seen almost 1.5 million times on YouTube and the Internet has been bombarded with rumors about what would have caused the giant hole.

Credit: SG

Conspiracy theorists have suggested that it was caused by a UFO or extraterrestrial life, while others have said it was made by a meteor that hit Earth.(Portal on the water)

Another theory suggests that global warming caused the explosion.

Speaking to The Siberian Times , a government official said it was too early to say what caused the hole, but ruled out that it was a meteorite.

The official said: “We can definitely say that it is not a meteorite. There are still no details ».

A report by the Russian news channel Zvezda TV said that the dark color of the crater indicates “some temperature processes.”

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Google Earth images reveal a crashed UFO in Antarctica

Google Earth has been the indispensable tool for the discovery of secret underground bases in Antarctica . From the point of view of many researchers and ufologists, these mysterious entrances could be extraterrestrial underground facilities, beyond ordinary caves that were formed over time due to the harsh climatic conditions that govern in Antarctica.(UFO in Antarctica)

There are many conspiracy theorists and ufologists who claim that Antarctica is a hot spot for extraterrestrial activity . And now, a mysterious object has been discovered on a remote island in Antarctica . For experts in the field there is no doubt, it is a crashed UFO.

Another UFO in Antarctica

The unidentified object was discovered in remote San Pedro Island (South Georgia), located in the South Atlantic, a British overseas territory with only a population of 20 inhabitants. The video of the astonishing discovery was published by the controversial YouTube channel Secureteam10, which describes itself as “exposing the extraterrestrial cover-up.”

Tyler Glockner, responsible for Secureteam10, discovered the mysterious object using satellite images from Google Earth and zoomed in to closely observe Mount Paget, at almost 3,000 meters altitude. It seems that the mysterious object slipped through the snow for a considerable distance before stopping , as there is also a strange trace behind the mysterious object.(UFO in Antarctica)

The video, entitled “WHAT Crash Landed Over The Antarctic? (What crashed on Antarctica? “ Was published on March 3, 2018 and since then it has been viewed more than 600,000 times.) The strange object is found at the following coordinates: 54 ° 39’44.62″ S 36 ° 11 ’42 .47 “W.

After Glockner published the video on YouTube, thousands of Internet users wanted to give their opinion about it. For their part, conspiracy theorists say that without a doubt it is a ship of extraterrestrial origin that crashed in remote San Pedro Island. Others emerged that this area was the landing strip for UFOs and that there would surely be near access to a secret extraterrestrial base. However, the most skeptics showed very different opinions about it.

Richard Waller, professor of physical geography at Keele University in the UK, told the British newspaper Daily Mail that the image actually represents an avalanche projecting a large block of ice sliding and rolling much farther than the rest of the snow collapsed, and the mysterious white object is simply a block of ice.  This phenomenon is, frankly, quite common in Antarctica.

“I think this feature is related to a large avalanche of a nearby mountain ,” Waller told the Daily Mail. “Part of a hanging glacier seems to have collapsed, the avalanche remains can be seen at the foot of the slope, and This could be a large block of rock or ice that, as a consequence, has traveled further. The track shows that it slides on a snow-covered glacier before it stops. “

According to public the British tabloid The Sun, an exmilitar who had been on the island with the British Royal Navy also denied the extraterrestrial theory.

“The research station on the island asked us to carry out a photographic survey throughout the area to document the population and the locations of the reindeer,” said the ex-military candidate. “As a photographer in that recognition, I can confirm one hundred percent that what you see in the image is only the result of a glacial slide. I am sorry.”

Google Earth UFO Antarctica - Google Earth images reveal a crashed UFO in Antarctica

As we can see, there seems to be an interest of the main media to disprove this new mystery in Antarctica. And what they are getting is the opposite effect, that conspiracy theorists and ufologists defend much more the extraterrestrial theory and assure that the big media are part of an extraterrestrial concealment.

What do you think of the image? Is it a starry alien ship? Or do you believe the version of the skeptics, which is a large block of collapsed ice? It’s up to you.

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woman mars

The unusual story of the woman who claimed to have visited Mars in 1894

Popularly known as Hélène Smith (real name Catherine-Elise Muller, 1861-1929) was a famous French psychic of the late nineteenth century who claimed to be the reincarnation of a Hindu princess, Marie Antoinette and also said to communicate with beings from the planet Mars.

woman mars
woman mars

In 1900, Élise Müller became famous with the publication of “From India to the Planet Mars” (From India to the planet Mars) by Théodore Flournoy, professor of psychology at the University of Geneva. The medium and the psychologist maintained a close collaboration until 1899, when “Des Indes à la planète Mars” was published for the first time in French.

The book documented its varied series of experiences in terms of “romantic cycles”; the “Martian” cycle, “ultramarian” cycle, and “Hindu”, “Oriental” and “real” cycles. The book was very well received, but Müller felt that he had been misinterpreted by not collaborating more with Flournoy, who had portrayed his various “cycles” as the products of what he considered child imagery and his Martian language as a mere elaborate language.

In his “Martian” cycle Smith described the environment and the inhabitants of the red planet and communicated in his name. In his visions, Mars appears as a world populated by humanoids of approximately Asian physiognomy, who used diverse futuristic devices such as self-propelled vehicles and airplanes. Other interesting features of Mars include creatures like dogs with heads that looked like cabbages that not only caught unlikely objects for their masters, but also took dictation.

The Martian cycle finally gave way to a related “Roman” that occurred in a place called Ultra-Mars, perhaps another part of the planet. The ultra-Martian trolls looked more like human beings. They had a different language from the Martians and used ideographic writing instead of phonetics.

Flournoy argued that Smith’s personalities and tongues were the product of subconscious fantasies and represented a great variety of regressive behaviors. In addition, he maintained that, far from indicating its truth, the complexity and the strangeness of the trance stories demonstrated the subconscious desire of the medium to satisfy the imagination of its listeners. As of this moment, Smith refused to admit Flournoy to his seances.

Then Smith received a generous sponsorship from an American spiritualist and turned to a Christian spiritualism with extraterrestrial elements. During this period, his departure from Flournoy was intensified by a sometimes public struggle over the rights of “From India to the Planet Mars,” which Smith insisted was so much the result of his work, as it was his. Over the course of the next two decades, Smith gave fewer séances and devoted much of his time to painting. Finally, this work also attracted a lot of attention, including that of André Breton and the Surrealists.

woman mars
woman mars

According to Flourney, Helene Smith was not only able to remember everything she had read or heard, but also used her imagination and ability to tell stories, to weave wonderful stories about her supposed past lives or visit other planets.

In the book “Annals of the Royal National Academy of Medicine – Volume CXVI – Volume 2” they tell us that these skills are not as rare as they seem. There are very susceptible and impressionable people who do not need any hypnotist to be able to rescue for conscience those recondite memories and use them mixed with fantasies, imaginations and confabulations.

Many writings, later considered as plagiarism, have been due to the phenomenon of cryptomnesia, of which the author who allegedly made the plagiarism was not aware. In reality, he was deceived by his own unconscious memory. However, there is usually an answer that this kind of thing is the result of complete deception. What do you think? Leave us your comment!


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fleet of UFOs

Passenger of an airplane records a fleet of UFOs over Taiwan

fleet of UFOs
fleet of UFOs

Statistics show that UFO sightings occur every two or three minutes around the world. So, it is not surprising that commercial airplane pilots are on the list of the people who have most witnessed their presence in our skies. It is a fact that since the beginning of commercial aviation the existence of mysterious unidentified flying objects has proved to be a bewilderment for many professional pilots. In many cases, sightings have been witnessed by the entire crew and passengers.

And the truth is that, in the early days of commercial aviation, these sightings became a sensation. The witnesses were delighted to tell their experiences to anyone who would listen. However, little by little the novel experiences were disappearing. The airlines became increasingly sensitive to these unexplained phenomena, even banning their pilots talking publicly about their sightings.

But thanks to the advancement of technology, it is no longer necessary for a pilot to divulge his story, since Smartphones become a device to record any anomaly in the skies. And this week a new controversy has arisen, this time over a video that supposedly shows a ‘fleet of UFOs’ slowly flying under a plane over Taiwan.

A fleet of UFOs

The video was recorded by the passenger of a plane while flying over Taiwan and shows what appears to be about eight strange luminous orbs moving at a slow pace below the plane. The passenger, who wanted to remain anonymous, after the sighting did not hesitate to send the video to the  Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) , the organization that investigates UFO sightings around the world.

“I have seen eight to ten UFOs flying,” said the passenger on the Taiwanese airline EVA Air, traveling from Vancouver, Canada, to Taipei, Taiwan. “Thirty minutes earlier, I saw a bright light flying below. The third video I have is 38 seconds. About eight UFOs are flying under the plane. I used slow motion to record the video until I was asked to turn off my camera due to the landing policy. “

Many other passengers also claimed to have seen the fleet of foreign objects under the plane. The video was recorded in October 2014, but now it has been revealed. Many netizens who have seen the video are convinced that it was a fleet of UFOs of extraterrestrial origin flying under the plane.

However, the most skeptical claim that the mysterious unidentified objects were neither UFOs nor of extraterrestrial origin. According to The Associated Press, three different engineers and scientists said the video did not show a UFO, and provided alternative explanations, including boats, reflections or birds. Former US space engineer and journalist James Oberg, who also investigates sightings of unidentified flying objects, said that  this is not even one of the best.”

“Nature and human activities provide a wide variety of explanations, most of which these researchers (who posted the video) did not even think about, ” Oberg said.

The Associated Press explains in a publication about this new sighting that they strive to verify the disinformation that is widely shared on the Internet, including cooperation with Facebook to identify and reduce the circulation of false stories on social networks.

UFO fleet over Taiwan - Passenger of an airplane records a fleet of UFOs over Taiwan

However, this statement by the US news agency has done nothing but provoke the conspiracy theorists, who say that governments and the mainstream media are trying to cover up the existence of extraterrestrial life on our planet.

And while skeptics and the true believers in the UFO subject debate about the origin of this last unexplained video, we ask ourselves: Is this a clear evidence of an extraterrestrial visit, computer generated images, the reflection of small lakes, or have another explanation? A doubt in commenting.

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And they have done it again: The Simpsons predict the United States Olympic gold in curling

Cinema and television allow us to transport ourselves to an imagined reality full of new possibilities and emotions without limit. They offer the public the opportunity to escape from their own lives in favor of a life full of action represented on the screen. Because movies have this “escapist” quality , when it ends many of us forget completely what we have seen.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

However, sometimes movies or TV series seem to predict the arrival of major events. From the fate of world leaders to world scandals, some series and films become true prophets of our destiny. And if we have to talk about predictions in the entertainment industry, it is inevitable not to mention the already legendary series of American animation The Simpsons, which over the years has been crowned as the “Nostradamus” of television. And once again The Simpsons have predicted the future, this time with the results of the Olympic Games of Pieonchang 2018.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

The Nostradamus of television

Without anyone expecting it, the American curling team beat Sweden on Saturday, taking home the gold medal at the 2018 Olympics in Pieonchang, although for The Simpsons it was not so much of a surprise. In an episode of season 21 titled “Boy Meets Curl (Chico meets Curling in Spain)” shows striking similarities to the American victory in Pieonchang.

In the episode, which originally aired during the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver, Homer and Marge form a curling team and reach the final, despite being on the verge of being eliminated. Your US team UU he is almost forced to give victory to Sweden due to an injury, but Marge manages to recover and helps the team to win the gold despite having an injured arm.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

Simpsons predict the United States Olympic

Back in the real world, the American men’s curling team, which was also about to be eliminated, became the first American team to win a gold medal in this sport. It must also be said that, in the episode in question, Russia came in third place, and at the Olympic Games of Pieonchang 2018 it was Switzerland who won the bronze.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

“Congratulations to @ USACurling2018 for their gold,” wrote Rob LaZebnik, screenwriter of the “Boy Meets Curl” chapter on Twitter . “But it’s not the first time that EE. UU beat Sweden. Marge and Homer did it eight years ago. “

And as it can not be otherwise, LaZebnik’s tweet has provoked all kinds of reactions among conspiracy theorists, who say that Fox’s animated series has a long history of predictions that were fulfilled , since the recent purchase of Fox by Disney until the presidency of Donald Trump. But apparently, this would not be a simple coincidence, rather it would be television predictions, a system used by the government where events would be inserted into people’s minds so that they can be fulfilled.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

Leaving aside the conspiracy theories, the reality is that The Simpsons perfectly predicted the Ebola outbreak , the crisis in Greece and the scandal of horse meat. Five years before Lady Gaga performed at NRG Stadium during halftime in the Super Bowl, it was already predicted in an episode of The Simpsons titled ‘Lisa Goes Gaga (Lisa is Gaga in Spain)’, in which a character from Gaga descends in Springfield to act.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

In 1998, in an episode in which Ron Howard wants to direct a film that Homer wrote, a scene shows the outside of 20th Century Fox , and a sign that says: “a division of the company Walt Disney” . In December of 2017 Disney acquired 20th Century Fox.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

Simpsons predict the United States Olympic

Although the most famous and revealing “coincidence” was in 2000, in an episode called “Bart to the Future (Bart to the future in Spain)” . In the chapter in question, Lisa Simpson becomes president, and inherits a budget crisis left by her predecessor, President Trump. This episode caused such a stir that screenwriter Dan Greaney was forced to give explanations. Graeney defended himself against those who accused him of working for secret organizations bysaying that the episode was a “warning for the United States,” noting that a Trump presidency would be the last logical stop before hitting bottom.(Simpsons predict the United States Olympic )

But the reality is that there are too many “coincidences”, too many events predicted years before. Although for the most skeptical there is a logical and rational explanation for this: after so many years on the air and with its more than 600 chapters, it is relatively normal for screenwriters to predict the future. But what we ask ourselves is the following: with such precision?

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