A mysterious Secret Map of Antarctica reveals Coordinates to reach the Hollow Earth

A mysterious Secret Map of Antarctica reveals Coordinates to reach the Hollow Earth

Antarctica and all the mysteries that surround it, from secret bases to the supposed entrance to an inner world has always fascinated humanity. Russian journalist Nikolai Subbotin analyzes KGB documents from the “Orion” folder on Nazi activities in Antarctica before and during World War II.(Coordinates to reach the Hollow Earth) The following is a translated

Forbidden History: A mysterious Fourth Black Pyramid in Giza (Book of the year 1,700 )

According to a missing captain of the Danish navy and explorer, there is a fourth Pyramid in Giza, but this one would be black.(Fourth Black Pyramid in Giza) During the 1700s Frederic Norden made extensive notes, observations and drawings of everything around him, including people, pharaonic monuments, architecture, installations, maps, etc., all of which was

The Large Hadron Collider has identified 5 new Subatomic Particles

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the latest addition to the CERN accelerator complex, is the most powerful particle accelerator ever built. It has a ring of 27 kilometers (16 miles) of superconducting magnets and accelerator structures built to increase the energy of the particles in the chamber. At the accelerator, two beams of high energy

Two scientists have shown that the soul exists and it never dies but returns to the Universe

The American physician, Dr. Stuart Hamerroff and the British physicist Sir Roger Penrose  have developed a quantum theory of consciousness, which states that our souls are contained within structures called microtubules within our brain cells.(  soul exists and it never dies) The idea was developed because of the concept that the brain is a biological

David Rockefeller is dead!!

The businessman David Rockefeller , famous for his immense fortune and charity, died Monday at 101 a year while sleeping at home, his spokesman said. The grandson of John D. Rockefeller, co-founder of the oil company Standard Oil , later became the clan’s estate agent and head of a network of family interests, both commercial