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May 5, 2019 0

The elites are not human: This is how these Reptilians act with us

By Michael

One of the most surprising theories in the panorama of conspiracies is that which has been defended by the British researcher and writer David Icke, who since 1990 devoted himself to searching for the "reptiles that control the world".(Reptilians) Apparently...

October 22, 2018 0

UFO appeared during a live Argentine news program(UFO in Buenos Aires)

By Michael

One of the most debated questions in our society is whether there is life on other planets. And is that a...

January 18, 2018 0

The phenomenon of Lazaro, people who were resurrected after being declared dead

By Michael

This week a surprising news was going around the world. The Spanish prison authorities were disconcerted after an inmate who was pronounced...