20 best horror films of the 21st century

20 best horror films of the 21st century

From the zombie apocalypse in the retro film attackers with a knife, the best horror movie from the beginning of the millennium chosen by IE. At the turn of the late ’60s and early’ 70s, Vietnam and civil unrest helped to launch a new golden age of American horror film; in the early years after the

Amazingly High-Officials Statements: We’re Not Alone !

One of the dilemmas that humanity has is whether or not we are alone in the universe. From time to time we come across certain astonishing statements by people who hold or have held important positions and who have had access to secret documents about aliens.(High-Officials Statements: We’re Not Alone) Paul Heller, the former Defense Minister

Capture a “Creature” Sliding on the Surface of Pluto (Video)

Pluto ceased to be considered a planet by the most prestigious international astronomers, to be coined as “planetoid” or “dwarf planet,” however, it is a mysterious body.(“Creature” Sliding on the Surface of Pluto) Recently some photographs of its surface show something strange that the investigator David Parcerisa brings us in its last videoprograma. The New

Controversy on the Web: Alien message on the NSA website

Not many people have noticed this, but the NSA has on its website a test of extraterrestrial contact under the title “Key to the Extraterrestrial messages”.(Alien message on the NSA website) This is a very important step towards outreach to the UFO community. The original document was authorized for publication in October 2004, but curiously not

China made the first quantum teleportation from Earth to orbit!!

Chinese experts for the first time sent from Earth to the satellite facility. Photon covered a distance of more than 500 km and teleported to “Mo-tsu”, the first satellite for quantum communications.(quantum) “We report the first quantum teleportation of an independent single-photon qubit from terrestrial observatory satellite into orbit around the Earth – through the uplink

Apocalyptic Prophecies: The Myths of the End of Time and the Destruction of the World

There are countless prophecies about the same universal event in different cultures around the world. Judging by the dates that some point out – like the Mayan calendar – and the descriptions offered, many scholars and scientists agree that they refer to the present time. The Judeo-Christian tradition, for example, speaks of the ‘final judgment’ and both

Terrified passengers say the ghost of a woman disappeared after jumping in front of a train

There are many who believe that ghosts are a manifestation of life after death. Although the details vary between cultures, a ghost is generally understood as the bodyless spirit or soul of a person who was among us. Experts in the matter say that a ghost persists in our reality when the person died in a traumatic

NASA forced to deny colonies of kidnapped children on Mars

Everything we know about space is a lie. We’ve never been to the moon , Pluto is a hologram, and Obama visited Mars twice. Conspiracy theorists believe all this and more. NASA is one of the main organizations accused of hiding the truth from the day it was founded in 1958. However, arguably the most controversial conspiracy theory is that