8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’ that have become Reality

8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’ that have become Reality

January 24, 2017 3 By Michael

‘The Simpsons’, the most popular animated series in television history, stirs up the interest of millions of fans around the world for its original way of presenting the problems of society, and today’s issues are reckoned with a Special sense of humor.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'

For almost 30 years of existence, its characters have been recognized as the most popular in the film industry and TV, while the issues they deal with have been discussed and debated around the world.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

Some of the plots in this popular series have been the subject of special attention on the part of his followers due to their special ‘prophetic’ content.Here is a summary of the most famous stories that have been fulfilled in reality in an incredible way.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

1. The candidacy of Donald Trump

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'

One of the most anticipated ‘predictions’ of this animated series has been Republican Donald Trump’s bid for the 2016 elections. “The Simpsons” showed the billionaire as the presidential candidate 16 years before the American tycoon became an official candidate for the White House. Even during his candidacy, Trump went down an electrical staircase much like he did 16 years ago in an animated chapter. Despite this, the series does not predict a term for President Trump until 2030.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

2. The electronic voting machine

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'In an episode broadcast in 2008, an electronic voting machine seems to have gotten out of control by changing Homer’s vote during the election race between Barack Obama and John McCain. Four years later, the press unveiled a sound and true case of an electronic machine that changed Obama’s own vote for Mitt Romney’s.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

3. The Ebola Crisis

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'In an episode that appeared in 1997, Marge Simpson tries to cheer her son, Bart, lying in bed and sick, suggesting that he read a book under the title ‘The Curious George and the Ebola Virus’.Between 2013 and 2016, this virus reached its peak activity recorded in history, claiming the lives of almost 29,000 people in West Africa. During the previous 27 years – the first case was recorded in 1976 -, the Ebola killed 1,716 people.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

4. The flag of the Syrian opposition

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'In 2001, Bart and his friends form the ‘Luxury Band’. In one of music videos, the boys are part of the US Air Force and carry out a military operation in a country in the Middle East. One of the bombs dropped falls on a group of rebels displaying the flag of the Syrian National Coalition. Surprisingly, that flag, which was used by Syria between 1932 and 1961, was adopted by the opposition in 2012 during the current war, 11 years after the ‘prodigious’ chapter of ‘The Simpsons’.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

5. The winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics 2016

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'In 2010, Bart’s best friend, Millhouse Van Houten, pointed out to fellow Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor Bengt R. Holmstrom as the winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics. In 2016, 6 years after the episode’s broadcast, the prophecy was fulfilled.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)


6. On September 11

A strange image is observed in a chapter emitted in 1997. The family decides to travel to the city of New York and Lisa Simpson teaches to its brother a magazine. On its cover is a strange design, which according to many is a clear premonition of the events that would occur four years later.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'

7. The death of several celebrities

8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'In 2008, in the annual chapter dedicated to Halloween festivities, Homer is hired to murder several celebrities. The main character in the series kills actor George Clooney, then singer Prince and later astronaut Neil Armstrong. The odd thing is that Armstrong died in 2012, four years after the premiere of The Simpsons and Prince in 2016, four years later. Many followers of the series have taken this coincidence to speculate on a possible death of George Clooney in 2020.(8 Incredible prophecies of ‘The Simpsons’)


8 Incredible prophecies of 'The Simpsons'

Here we leave a curious video about Donald Trump. Very strange coincidence .. right?Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu


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