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Did the Aliens hack a live broadcast of English TV?

On 26 November 1977 something unusual happened. South England viewers who were watching the 5pm newscast watched as a strange signal interrupted the broadcast. Suddenly they heard a metallic voice that said to be “Vrillon”, an extraterrestrial that came to give a message to the humanity … (Aliens hack a live broadcast) Here we leave

A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old: Should We Rewrite History

In 1968, William J. Meister, trilobite draftsman and collector, found the footprint of a shoe on slate ground near Antelope Springs, Utah. The notch appeared when Meister opened the slate block. In the interior of the footprint fossils of trilobites, already extinct marine arthropods were observed.(A Shoe Footprint Over 200 Million Years Old) The slate

UFO struck by lightning in Austria filmed by a group of people

On the eve of the New Year of 2016 was accidentally caught in Austria the moment a lightning strikes supposedly in an unidentified flying object. The video was posted on the user’s YouTube channel “Inder 12” on January 4, 2016.(UFO struck by lightning in Austria) Marie Mela, a resident of Vienna, met her friends celebrating

The Cochno Stone: A Massive Cosmic Map Over 5,000 Years Old

One of the most fascinating archaeological mysteries is the discovery of the so-called Cochno Stone. Discovered in 1887 by James Harvey, the Cochno Stone is considered one of the best sets of petroglyphs in Europe. The reason is that it contains more than 90 brands of cup and ring, geometric motifs, spirals, human prints and

“Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind”: The miniseries that details its History

“ANUNNAKI – Messengers of the Wind”, is the first alternative story story. Created by the Brazilian rock band Mensageiros do Vento, this miniseries is based on translations of ancient clay tablets found among the ruins of Sumer, possibly the cradle of human civilization. Then the 5 episodes and their explanation.(Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind)