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Spontaneous Teleportation? Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital

A mysterious event that has not yet been explained, but that has raised all sorts of theories, such as spontaneous teleportation, is that what happened at the Stellenbosch Hospital, South Africa, where a patient mysteriously disappeared and was found 13 days later. . on the roof.(Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital)

The Stargate of Hayu Marca and it’s Connection with the FBI: Proof of Inter-dimensional Travel

An imposing monument of the Peruvian Sierra de Hayu Marca, discovered only a couple of decades ago, is believed to be the remnant of an ancient stargate that was once in its active history.(The Stargate of Hayu Marca) These unusual beliefs are fueled by both intricate carved rocks and local legends, the native people speak

The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes : The Most Anomalous Place on Earth:

“In certain places of earth there are specific places in which there are mysterious and inexplicable disappearances of people, ships and even airplanes. Among these sites, the most famous is the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. But there is also another, with greater incidence sinister and inexplicable occurrences. it’s name? Triangle of the Great Lakes .(The Mysterious Triangle of the Great

Hangar 1: Is the Extraterrestrial Government hiding in this Base?

For years it has been speculating about what is stored inside this hangar or maximum security complex. Citizens of the area do not fail to highlight the strange activity, the schedules to which you begin to see maneuvers or strange things within said complexes. Even causing an incredible unease among the population as uncertainty that may be