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The Great Extraterrestrial Conspiracy of History : Does our Technology Hide them? (Video)

Talking about certain topics, such as extraterrestrials, is uncomfortable, especially when the answers to the questions are known. But just then a new reflection appears on the scene. What would happen if more and more people without knowing anything, begin to have access to information that governments seek to hide from us.(Extraterrestrial Conspiracy) The only reason why

Dr. Andrew Basiago : “I have traveled physically in Time and I can Prove it” (proof of time travel)

Although most scientists say that traveling in time “still” is not possible, a Washington lawyer says he has done it dozens of times as part of a secret project during the Cold War.(Andrew Basiago) Portals that connect to other points in time and space have appeared in many books, movies and video games. Some of them

US Government Hides an Anti-Gravity Fleet with Extraterrestrial Technology claims scientists

These are not UFOs. This is military technology. The following are the statements of Dr. Richard Boylan, Ph.D. behavioral scientist, anthropologist, associate university professor, clinical hypnotherapist, consultant and researcher.(US Government Hides an Anti-Gravity Fleet) Boylan claims to have worked for more than 15 years with people who report having encounters with extraterrestrial intelligent life forms. He also says that

The World in 2018 : We Reveal the Terror Hidden Secrets on the Cover of “The Economist”

The prestigious magazine “The Economist” launches its most controversial cover after having deleted a first cover that later, was replaced by what will finally be the official cover of January next year. But the most mysterious is the encrypted message that was on the cover of 1988 with a deadline: 2018.(The World in 2018) The Economist

Spontaneous Teleportation? Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital

A mysterious event that has not yet been explained, but that has raised all sorts of theories, such as spontaneous teleportation, is that what happened at the Stellenbosch Hospital, South Africa, where a patient mysteriously disappeared and was found 13 days later. . on the roof.(Patient Disappeared Found Dead on the Roof of the Hospital)

The Stargate of Hayu Marca and it’s Connection with the FBI: Proof of Inter-dimensional Travel

An imposing monument of the Peruvian Sierra de Hayu Marca, discovered only a couple of decades ago, is believed to be the remnant of an ancient stargate that was once in its active history.(The Stargate of Hayu Marca) These unusual beliefs are fueled by both intricate carved rocks and local legends, the native people speak

The Mysterious Triangle of the Great Lakes : The Most Anomalous Place on Earth:

“In certain places of earth there are specific places in which there are mysterious and inexplicable disappearances of people, ships and even airplanes. Among these sites, the most famous is the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. But there is also another, with greater incidence sinister and inexplicable occurrences. it’s name? Triangle of the Great Lakes .(The Mysterious Triangle of the Great