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The Mystery Of The Crop Circles

Crop Circles, or crop circles, are an old phenomenon, as these are described in both medieval and ancient periodicals. Like the pyramids and ancient works of art, these can be the test of extraterrestrial visits on Earth, with the difference that, still today, new creations continue to appear regularly. However, in the last decade, they

“Ars Notoria” A Book that teaches superhuman abilities

Innumerable ancient books have been written in the past promising superhuman abilities to those who receive their knowledge through reading. People in the past firmly believed that the ancient scriptures offered magical powers and ways of altering the consciousness of those who read it.(ARS NOTORIA) Researchers have recently discovered a mysterious book dating back to

The “trumpets of the apocalypse” return, now in Nottingham

Since 2011, the Internet has been filled with strange videos. The scene of these videos is generally the same, suburban neighborhoods that see their tranquility shaken by strange noises coming from the sky. We are talking about The Hum (The Hum), also called the “trumpets of the apocalypse”. There are several theories to explain this

The Reptilian Plot: The Holographic Prison

We live in a hologram , the media manipulate you and do what they want, we do not have our own will, even if we think so. Realize and think for a moment about this, this metaphorical virtual reality that surrounds us … No! The matrix is not as it is painted, it is only