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The Cochno Stone: A Massive Cosmic Map Over 5,000 Years Old

One of the most fascinating archaeological mysteries is the discovery of the so-called Cochno Stone. Discovered in 1887 by James Harvey, the Cochno Stone is considered one of the best sets of petroglyphs in Europe. The reason is that it contains more than 90 brands of cup and ring, geometric motifs, spirals, human prints and

“Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind”: The miniseries that details its History

“ANUNNAKI – Messengers of the Wind”, is the first alternative story story. Created by the Brazilian rock band Mensageiros do Vento, this miniseries is based on translations of ancient clay tablets found among the ruins of Sumer, possibly the cradle of human civilization. Then the 5 episodes and their explanation.(Anunnaki – Messengers of the Wind)

The Kolbrin Bible: Manuscript of 3,600 years of antiquity that can change the history of mankind

This book, or “Bible” called Kolbrin, talks about the long forgotten or unknown events of the past, some of them even before our written history, but also warns about the imminent cataclysms that are to come.(Kolbrin Bible) The Kolbrin Bible, also known as the Bronzebook or Coelbook, is the first Judeo-Christian document that combines the

The dark Bible: The story of this mysterious book

Bible stories evolved slowly for centuries before the existence of orthodox religions. Many cults of beliefs spread stories and myths that are probably transmitted by oral tradition from generation to generation before people wrote them down. Many of the stories originally came from the Egyptian and Sumerian cults. All these primitive religions practiced the polytheism,

The Prophecy of the bible that will astound you!!

  Prophecy of bible: The Bible is considered a sacred book for billions of people, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition the words written there are part of the message inspired by God, transmitted by his servants the prophets for the salvation of mankind. In addition to its great historical value, the importance of Bible prophecy

5 Unknown facts about the Ramayan

 Laxman did not sleep for the entire 14 years of Ram’s exile Urmila, the spouse of Laxman, was ready to accompany him when he was going for exile with Ram, however he forced her to remain home. once in forest, Laxman needed to guard Ram and Sita day and night and needed to defeat sleep.