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Stephen Hawking: Black holes and the history of time

Stephen Hawking, British theoretical physicist, is known for his attempts to combine general relativity with quantum theory and for his contributions wholly related to cosmology. Hawking has a privileged brain, like few others. Stephen William Hawking was born on January 8, 1942 in Oxford, England. His parents’ house was in North London, but during the Second World

Photograph of a mountaineer shows a UFO on Mount Everest

Many people have long believed that they are not the only creatures that inhabit the universe. And if you also believe in the reports, we could have a more substantial proof of the existence of extraterrestrials in India. There are countless stories about UFO sightings and covert operations on the Kongka Pass, an Indo-Chinese pass that lies under the Himalayas . There

The images of Tesla in space were shot on a set ? Know the truth!

Since SpaceX made history by launching the Falcon Heavy into space with a red Tesla Roadster in charge, the company and Elon Musk have received a lot of criticism. One of the sources of these criticisms has been that of people who believe that the video that shows the Starman doll mounted in the car was

Brad Pitt on Illuminati : The Horror of the Illuminati Elite, Mind Control, and Pedophilia

We are witnessing the discovery of all the truth about pedophilia and sexual abuse in Hollywood in recent months. Brad Pitt has joined many celebrities who have denounced the Illuminati elite and the control systems they exert over humanity. Scandals of mental control, pedophilia and other issues were those that he engaged with a journalist in an

Two UFOs appear during a live broadcast on TV

When a UFO sighting is seen by a single person, it is generally not considered important. When several witnesses see something strange in heaven, then there is a little more interest, but doubts remain. However, when an unidentified flying object is seen by thousands or even millions of people live on television, things change.(UFOs appear during a

This man claims to be the father of thousands of hybrid children with extraterrestrials (Video)

A 72-year-old man named David Hagen, a neighbor of the American city of New Jersey, claims to have had many sexual relationships with beings from other planets. He claims to be the father of thousands of “hybrid” children between humans and extraterrestrials. He says he has been in contact with these beings since he was only eight

Last minute! Scientists achieve the First Successful Human Head Transplant (Video)

A new step in the technological development of science was achieved by a group of scientists from the Harbin University of Medicine, China, successfully achieving the first human head transplant in China, according to a press conference on Friday. Italian Sergio Canavero, director of the Advanced Neuromodulation Group of Turin.(Human Head Transplant) THE OPERATION, WHICH