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Last minute! Scientists achieve the First Successful Human Head Transplant (Video)

A new step in the technological development of science was achieved by a group of scientists from the Harbin University of Medicine, China, successfully achieving the first human head transplant in China, according to a press conference on Friday. Italian Sergio Canavero, director of the Advanced Neuromodulation Group of Turin.(Human Head Transplant) THE OPERATION, WHICH

Video: Discovered a skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China ? Real or fake ?

A huge and mysterious 18-meter-long skeleton of an unidentified creature has been found by the inhabitants of the Chinese city of Zhangjiakou (in Hebei province).(skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China) In a video recorded in the northeast of China shows a skeleton of a mysterious specimen that begins with a horned ‘dragon’

A Mysterious (and massive) Hole just opened in Antarctica and the Experts can not Explain it

A mysterious and massive hole has just opened on the surface of Antarctica leaving experts confused as they are unable to explain what caused their formation accurately. On September 9 last month a NASA satellite detected something unusual in Antarctica, suddenly a 257-kilometer-wide hole had appeared in the middle of nowhere. It is not that a

The Being of Evora: An Extraterrestrial Organism alive, captured and studied in Portugal 58 years ago

On November 2, 1959 in the Portuguese city of Evora was witnessed one of the strangest paranormal events. After the sighting of an alleged UFO, strange gelatinous filaments of white began to fall all over the city, completely covering it in a dense white layer. Schools and jobs had been intervened, evacuating people completely. The Armed Forces

Strange lights in the sky after the earthquake of 8.2 in Mexico (Video)

A magnitude-8.2 earthquake struck Thursday on the southern coast of Mexico, reports the Mexican National Seismological Service. The epicenter of the earthquake was recorded in Tonalá, Chiapas state, at 11:49 pm local time. It is the strongest earthquake recorded in Mexico since 1985, according to Reuters estimates.(Mexico) The epicenter of the quake was located at a depth

A Gigantic “Underwater Wall” Discovered in Google Earth that would cover the whole Planet

A mysterious video posted on YouTube claims that there is a gigantic wall located beneath the Earth’s oceans, which spans the entire planet. This mysterious wall, found by a YouTube channel called “Arab Flat Earth”, states that this wall spans tens of thousands of kilometers wide beneath the ocean. Previously, UFO enthusiasts and conspiracy theorists have