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The Necronomicon

The Necronomicon: The dangerous and forbidden “Book of the Dead”

Considered one of the most dangerous books in the world, the Necronomicon is a literary creation that travels between the limits of the fiction and the brutal reality. It is said that since this copy is true, people who have dared to read the Necronomicon and study the prophecies, spells, incantations and judgments contained therein

03:33 am

03:33 am, the time of the Dead

Over the years there have been frequent reports of a variety of unusual phenomena occurring between 3 and 4 pm, particularly accentuated at 03:33 am. Many people claim that at certain times of the night awake for no logical reason, affirming experience mysterious phenomena as ” sleep paralysis “ associated in that time frame. 03:00

access of negative entities to our world

Dimensional portals: access of negative entities to our world

The difference between the apparitions of ghosts and the presence of dark or negative entities is really very simple. Ghostly apparitions are a repeated pattern of events that happen again and again in the same way. While the presence of dark entities, of any kind, are energies that are separate, unique and do not repeat

Most terrifying experiences of glitches in matrix reported by people

Most terrifying experiences of glitches in matrix reported by people here are some of the most terrfying matrix glitches ever experienced The Creepy Car An off-duty EMT was driving home through a storm when he noticed a Mercedes set past a barricade with its hazard lights on. He stopped and walked over to that, shining

5 Signs that you may have been abducted by alien

Signs of alien abduction. Many people from around the world claim that they have been abducted by aliens. They claim that they saw creatures with a big head and big wobbly eyes performing operations and experiments on them in their spacecraft. We dug up to the core and researched on many interviews from around the