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The phenomenon of Lazaro, people who were resurrected after being declared dead

This week a surprising news was going around the world. The Spanish prison authorities were disconcerted after an inmate who was pronounced dead by three different doctors woke up in the morgue, only hours before performing his own autopsy. Gonzalo Montoya Jiménez, the prisoner of 29 years, was found without signs of life in his cell in the morning,

John Lear, Pilot of the CIA: “We control Alien Technology and there are Colonies on the Moon and Mars” (Video)

In an interview with the famous mystery program ‘Coast to coast’ , John Lear, a retired CIA pilot, revealed such amazing things as having secretly gone to the Moon since 1962, which have been on Mars since 1966 and that NASA uses technology from alien spacecraft crashed on Earth in 1953 (the EBE-3).(John Lear) John Lear has