Lilith, the Demonic First Woman Who Abandoned Adam and the Bible Censored

Controversy: NASA Spacecraft Captures Old Mining Machine on Eros Asteroid? (Video)

The 433 Eros is a peanut-shaped (or peanut) asteroid, and is composed of magnesium and iron silicates, most common in the inner asteroid belt. It was discovered on 13 August 1898 by astronomers Carl Gustav Witt in Berlin and Auguste Charlois in Germany. In February 2001 the NASA spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker landed on its surface.(Old Mining Machine on Eros

Shocking Interview with Former World Bank Executive: “Nonhuman Creatures Control the World”

That “extraterrestrials control the world” is something that has been commented on in the “conspiranoicos” circles for a long time. However, a person who worked in a major institution such as the World Bank, is something else. (Nonhuman Creatures Control the World) Karen Hudes studied Law at Yale University and Economics at the University of Amsterdam. She

Elders of the INUIT tribe alert the World: “The axis of the Earth has been Displaced!”

Inuit Indians have a different explanation of the changes in climate that our planet is undergoing. Several Inuit elders have already openly informed NASA that temperature changes on Earth are due to a natural occurrence: the planet has tilted slightly on its axis.(axis of the Earth has been Displaced) The “Inuit” tribe are indigenous people living

The Unusual Case of Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe” While Driving His Car

From birth we know a single reality (in which we live), but according to some people there could be several. This implies that what does not happen in our world may be happening in another. There may even be many versions of ourselves. Does it seem strange to you? Here we present the strange case of Pedro Oliva Ramírez.(Pedro

A Mysterious (and massive) Hole just opened in Antarctica and the Experts can not Explain it

A mysterious and massive hole has just opened on the surface of Antarctica leaving experts confused as they are unable to explain what caused their formation accurately. On September 9 last month a NASA satellite detected something unusual in Antarctica, suddenly a 257-kilometer-wide hole had appeared in the middle of nowhere. It is not that a