Disturbing video shows a ghost in the mirror of a dance center

Disturbing video shows a ghost in the mirror of a dance center

The good and frightening videos about ghosts are the “Holy Grail” of paranormal research. Each “ghost hunter” wants to record evidence of its existence, but the reality is that they are very difficult to get. It is for this reason that videos showing supernatural appearances are so strange. Even with the great material on the

Anonymous says NASA to announce the existence of alien life

Anonymous says NASA is about to announce the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life

What or who is Anonymous? Cyber ​​terrorists, freedom fighters, a group of hackers, revolutionaries or an organization? Anonymous is a movement. Anonymous does not have a visible leader. If you believe in Anonymous, you call yourself Anonymous, then you are Anonymous.(Anonymous says NASA to announce the existence of alien life ) This mysterious world organization has

The Reality and Fiction of Exorcism!!

The Vatican’s guide to conducting exorcisms states that the signs of demonic possession include “over human strength, aversion to holy water and the ability to speak in unknown languages, as well as spitting, blasphemy, and excessive masturbation.”(Exorcism)   The belief in demonic possession of people is a constant source of terrifying plots, in addition to

Horrified mother discovering a ghost baby in the crib with her 18-month old son

If you have ever had a strange feeling that someone is watching you, even though you are alone, it could be more than imagination. Signs that a spirit or ghost is nearby include sudden changes in temperature, strange odors, or moving objects on their own. These entities can also be presented through dreams . So,

Reptilian god of the ancient people of the Anasazi

World conspiracy proponents argue that a handful of rich men, called the Illuminati, actually themselves pawns of more powerful and cunning rulers, who in real life and have control over our civilization. It – reptilians, feeding negative energy earthlings. For this reason, they are doing everything possible to inhabitants of the earth as much as