Video: Infiltrated Extraterrestrials Working for the US Government And NASA?

Video: Infiltrated Extraterrestrials Working for the US Government And NASA?

Increasing numbers of senior state or former military officers confess part of this huge conspiracy. Different nations of the World have been negotiating with other extraterrestrial races for decades. In this videoprogram, writer and researcher David Parcerisa analyzes the secrets guarded by bases like Area-51 and Dulce’s in New Mexico.(US Government And NASA) Many related people believe

Did a Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials occur in 1978? This testimony would prove it !

According to statements by Thomas Castello, a former employee of Area 51, located in the Nevada desert, humanity was about to witness a war with extraterrestrial beings, but fortunately this armed conflict did not extend beyond the area where Humans performed experiments in conjunction with aliens.(Battle between Humans and Extraterrestrials) Thomas claims to have been


British company is creating Matrix in real life!!

  Many science fiction works, as well as some of the best technologists and futurists predict that in the future there will be supercomputers that can generate huge amounts of data. Let us suppose for a moment that these predictions are correct. Then these supercomputers would be able to make detailed simulations of your ancestors or relatives who are no

(strange music)

The Mysterious “Extraterrestrial Music” heard by the Apollo 10 on the hidden face of the Moon (Video)

What were the strange sounds picked up by the Apollo 10 crew? The same crew remembered hearing a strange “space music” while orbiting the hidden face of the moon.(strange music) The peculiar incident, which took place approximately two months before the historic landing of Apollo 11, had come as a surprise to the Apollo 10 astronauts


Top 10 most unexplained mysterious phenomena!!

Science is known to be powerful, but it can not explain everything that happens in the world. Proof of this can serve as a rating of the most unexplained mysterious phenomena (according to the IE). 1. The Taoist rumble Some residents and visitors to the small town of Taos (New Mexico) have been irritated for many