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NASA admits a UFO impacted a space probe

There have been many unexplained sightings in recent years. From UFOs, to beams of strange lights, to balls of fire illuminating our skies. However, more mysterious are the unidentified flying objects in outer space sighted by astronauts. These encounters were considered as evidence of extraterrestrial visits by ufologists. Although NASA has said by active or

The Mystery of the Pollock Twins, a case of Reincarnation documented by Scientists

Reincarnation can be defined as the process by which, when a person dies, his soul separates from the body, to, after some time, take another body to be born again on earth.(Pollock Twins) The main premise of this phenomenon is that the soul or spirit must “travel” through different bodies, for the purpose of learning

The reptilian hunter: Ex-Marine who claimed to be able to see alien faces infiltrated

This is one of the strangest cases on the so-called “Solitary Assassins”. A 30-year-old ex-Marine, named Kyle Andrew Odom, says he can see the changing faces of humans reptilian and takes justice by his hand by hunting these infiltrated aliens.(The reptilian hunter: Ex-Marine) He first attacked a gunman and then was arrested in the White

NASA to explore a metal asteroid valued at 10,000 quadrillion dollars

NASA’s mission to visit the asteroid 16 Psyched has accelerated and should happen in 2026. The agency will seek but not extract asbestos metals of $ 10,000 quadrillion dollars , which is worth more than the global economy.(NASA to explore a metal asteroid valued at 10,000 quadrillion dollars) The Asteroid that could cause economic growth

Teleportation could be possible using Quantum Physics

Quantum physics could, theoretically, be used to satisfy the old desire to teleport. However, any practical use is a very long way, and only individual particles could be transported.(Teleportation could be possible using Quantum Physics) In the video below, minute physics explains how teleportation could be theoretically possible using quantum physics . Quantum teleportation uses