They record in video the spectacular sighting of a flying disc on a Mexican city

Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future

Crop Circles are extraterrestrial messages of the future says scientists and Ph.D

A scientist who has a Ph.D. In chemistry at Caltech University in Pasadena, California, he claims that Crop Circles are messages from aliens and that these marks in crop fields have helped humanity lead “at least a breakthrough in The discovery of a binary code more advanced than the one that our computers use “(Crop

BREAKING: U.S. Launched 59 Missiles at Syrian Base.

The U.S. military has launched 59 missiles into Syria, an official has reportedly confirmed to NBC. The target of the strikes was a Syrian government-controlled airfield in Homs, Syria.  “The missiles hit aircraft and infrastructure including the runway,” reported NBC. The U.S. military action is apparently in retaliation to a chemical weapon attack reported this week in

CLE 2017 Revealed in detail about Secret Space Programs, Aliens, and Inner Earth Civilizations(conscious Life expo 2017)

During the conscious Life expo 2017 in LA, Corey Goode disclosed fascinating details concerning secret space programs, Alien life and Inner Earth civilizations. Corey Goode identifies himself as an intuitive empath (IE). consistent with the Sphere Being Alliance, Corey Goode was recruited through one among the MILAB programs at the young age of six. (MILAB