Human DNA was designed by aliens claims a group of scientists

A secret chamber below the Sphinx : Image shows possible entry into the Great Sphinx of Giza

Are there any entrances leading to secret chambers under the Sphinx? According to numerous testimonies and images of the Great Sphinx of Giza, it is very probable that there are cavities, chambers and tunnels, which carry under one of the most enigmatic ancient monuments of the Earth.(A secret chamber below the Sphinx) This wonderful old

The Prophecy of the bible that will astound you!!

  Prophecy of bible: The Bible is considered a sacred book for billions of people, according to the Judeo-Christian tradition the words written there are part of the message inspired by God, transmitted by his servants the prophets for the salvation of mankind. In addition to its great historical value, the importance of Bible prophecy

Teleportation? The Incredible History of the Soldier Gil Pérez happened in 16th century (proof of teleportation)

Teleportation consists of the transfer of a person or object from one place to another instantaneously. There are numerous accounts of people who have supposedly suddenly disappeared, and we can find this phenomenon in the myths and legends of many cultures.(The Incredible History of the Soldier Gil Pérez) In recent centuries, there have been many

Travelers of Parallel Universes? The “Vorin” File happened in 1850

Stories of people who seem to be literally parallel universes. Part 1: The Vorin File(Travelers of Parallel Universes) In the last couple of centuries, some people have appeared to be from cities and countries that do not exist. They speak unknown languages, and give other indications that some say suggest that they are of parallel