Beyond Neptune discovered a new planet in the solar system!!

Reptilian god of the ancient people of the Anasazi

World conspiracy proponents argue that a handful of rich men, called the Illuminati, actually themselves pawns of more powerful and cunning rulers, who in real life and have control over our civilization. It – reptilians, feeding negative energy earthlings. For this reason, they are doing everything possible to inhabitants of the earth as much as

Why NASA was quick to delete a picture? (deleted picture of mars )

For the next batch of photos sent by the rover Curiosity and posted on the official website of NASA on June 12 this year, a virtual archaeologist Mauricio Ruiz discovered a strange object, which in any way can not be confused with stones or refer to pareydolicheskuyu illusion(deleted picture of mars) Firstly, the object was

Authorities warn of the presence of a mysterious creature in a California forest

There are creatures lurking in the dark, circling the world’s isolated forests, hiding in the frozen depths of the deepest lakes. They appear unexpectedly and inexplicably, to disappear mysteriously without leaving a trace, leaving the witnesses astonished, frightened and, unfortunately, in most cases, without evidence of the encounter. However, there are countless stories about these