Why NASA was quick to delete a picture? (deleted picture of mars )

Why NASA was quick to delete a picture? (deleted picture of mars )

For the next batch of photos sent by the rover Curiosity and posted on the official website of NASA on June 12 this year, a virtual archaeologist Mauricio Ruiz discovered a strange object, which in any way can not be confused with stones or refer to pareydolicheskuyu illusion(deleted picture of mars) Firstly, the object was


Scientific discoveries are happening every day and change the world in which we live. In this list there are some crazy scientific innovation, and all of them were made in the past year. Technological and medical discoveries, in which people simply can not believe it accomplishes each day and continue being accomplished with enviable regularity.

Authorities warn of the presence of a mysterious creature in a California forest

There are creatures lurking in the dark, circling the world’s isolated forests, hiding in the frozen depths of the deepest lakes. They appear unexpectedly and inexplicably, to disappear mysteriously without leaving a trace, leaving the witnesses astonished, frightened and, unfortunately, in most cases, without evidence of the encounter. However, there are countless stories about these

Russian scientists find extraterrestrial life forms on the surface of the International Space Station

In the popular 1951 science fiction film “Ultimatum to Earth,” an alien named Klaatu (played by actor Michael Rennie) visits Earth to save us from ourselves. History is a masterpiece of science fiction, but it could also be a reality. For example, to be able to detect a dangerous accumulation of carbon dioxide in our

Another floating city appears on a Chinese city, a portal to a parallel universe?

Before starting if we say “Fata Morgana” the first thing that comes to mind is something related to a strange cult. But it is not so, Fata Morgana is supposedly related to the floating cities, one of those rare and unusual mirages that appear mainly in China. Although the real mystery that is baffled at

Mars rover

Mars rover: The SUV with which NASA wants to travel Mars

The NASA Kennedy Space Center introduced the Mars Rover off-road vehicle, a concept of a Martian vehicle capable of facing any obstacle on the red planet. The first news about the peculiar vehicle arose in May of 2017, and now, the device has been formally presented to the public during the scientific event Summer on

Beings of other worlds created the human being according to the Book of the ancient Mayas

The book, of great historical and spiritual value, has been erroneously called the Sacred Book or the Bible of the Maya “K’iche”. It is composed of a series of stories that try to explain the origin of the world, of civilization, of various phenomena that occur in nature, etc.(Beings of other worlds created the human