The emerald tablets of Thoth : Are the Reptilians owners of the World?

The emerald tablets of Thoth : Are the Reptilians owners of the World?

Maurice Doreal, whose real name was Claude D. Dodgin, was born in Sulfer Springs, Oklahoma in 1898 and died in 1963. He translated the emerald tablets and founded the White Temple Brotherhood in Denver around 1930. Doreal claimed that while he was lecturing In Los Angeles in 1931, he encountered two Atlanteans who transported him to a

Top Conspiracies that NASA hides from us!!

The motto of NASA is “For the benefit of all.” However, this is not entirely true, since there are some things that you really do not want people to know or discover and from which they benefit. Everyone knows that NASA has deals with space exploration and aeronautics, but they are also behind the design and operation

Brad Pitt on Illuminati : The Horror of the Illuminati Elite, Mind Control, and Pedophilia

We are witnessing the discovery of all the truth about pedophilia and sexual abuse in Hollywood in recent months. Brad Pitt has joined many celebrities who have denounced the Illuminati elite and the control systems they exert over humanity. Scandals of mental control, pedophilia and other issues were those that he engaged with a journalist in an

Extraterrestrial Abduction of Christa Tilton : Reveals the Hidden Secrets at the Military Base of Dulce

Christa Tilton is a woman who reports being abducted in the early morning of July 1987 by a race of extraterrestrial beings called “Nigerians”, who took her from a spaceship to the facilities of the Dulce military base in New Mexico. Military Base of Dulce, New Mexico Christa was a normal woman until one night

The Montauk project: Was a hole opened in the space-time continuum in 1983?

Unlike many other alleged CIA projects, the so-called Montauk Project is known only through third-party testimonies, since documents have never been revealed to verify its existence. Test for some that it is a farce, this circumstance has been used several times as a way to show that the experiment was successful and therefore never declassified (unlike other CIA

A “Flying Humanoid” About Phoenix, USA Unleashes the Controversy on the Internet (Video)

According to several conspiracy theorists, a brief clip sent to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) shows a “flying humanoid” dressed in a space suit over Phoenix in Arizona. The “alien” would seem to be landing from space. (See video below) According to an anonymous witness in a report filed in the Mutual UFO Network database (MUFON) as Case