Top 10 most unexplained mysterious phenomena!!


Top 10 most unexplained mysterious phenomena!!

Science is known to be powerful, but it can not explain everything that happens in the world. Proof of this can serve as a rating of the most unexplained mysterious phenomena (according to the IE). 1. The Taoist rumble Some residents and visitors to the small town of Taos (New Mexico) have been irritated for many


Three-fingered “Alien Mummy” found in Peru!!

Amateur researchers found in South America a mummy of an alien. As they say , she is about 1700 years old. However, expert opinion on the findings differed – some of them think , it’s just a statue , covered with plaster.(Alien) A group of self-proclaimed explorers of paranormal phenomena Asserts. That they found evidence of the existence of aliens – the mysterious mummy of

The Baltic Sea Anomaly: Mystery Solved

In April 2011, a group of Swedish cazatesoros called ‘Ocean X’, led by Peter Lindberg, announced with fanfare the discovery of a strange and huge object at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.(Baltic Sea Anomaly) From there, he was baptized as the famous Baltic UFO. But much later it became known that it is nothing more

Ancient Astronauts ! Rock paintings in Italy show Extraterrestrial Presence in the Past

Ancient rock art could prove that aliens once visited Earth, many researchers say of the UFO phenomenon.(Ancient Astronauts) The cryptic drawings, known as petroglyphs and discovered in Italy, appear to show two men wearing helmets with strange weapons, proving that ancient astronauts arrived on Earth, according to some. Petroglyphs appear to show off strange figures

20 best horror films of the 21st century

From the zombie apocalypse in the retro film attackers with a knife, the best horror movie from the beginning of the millennium chosen by IE. At the turn of the late ’60s and early’ 70s, Vietnam and civil unrest helped to launch a new golden age of American horror film; in the early years after the

Amazingly High-Officials Statements: We’re Not Alone !

One of the dilemmas that humanity has is whether or not we are alone in the universe. From time to time we come across certain astonishing statements by people who hold or have held important positions and who have had access to secret documents about aliens.(High-Officials Statements: We’re Not Alone) Paul Heller, the former Defense Minister

Capture a “Creature” Sliding on the Surface of Pluto (Video)

Pluto ceased to be considered a planet by the most prestigious international astronomers, to be coined as “planetoid” or “dwarf planet,” however, it is a mysterious body.(“Creature” Sliding on the Surface of Pluto) Recently some photographs of its surface show something strange that the investigator David Parcerisa brings us in its last videoprograma. The New