Agenda 21: The depopulation of 95% of the world in 2030 YA is in March

A Mysterious (and massive) Hole just opened in Antarctica and the Experts can not Explain it

A mysterious and massive hole has just opened on the surface of Antarctica leaving experts confused as they are unable to explain what caused their formation accurately. On September 9 last month a NASA satellite detected something unusual in Antarctica, suddenly a 257-kilometer-wide hole had appeared in the middle of nowhere. It is not that a

“The Lost Sons of the Anunnaki”: Melanesian tribe DNA Genes of Unknown Species

Scientists recently discovered that Melanesian islanders own genes belonging to an unknown species of hominids. Would this prove our Anunnaki ancestry? On October 20, the American Society of Human Genetics held its annual meeting and the conclusions they reached can easily be described as astonishing. The data they collected shows that people in Melanesia (an area in

The Being of Evora: An Extraterrestrial Organism alive, captured and studied in Portugal 58 years ago

On November 2, 1959 in the Portuguese city of Evora was witnessed one of the strangest paranormal events. After the sighting of an alleged UFO, strange gelatinous filaments of white began to fall all over the city, completely covering it in a dense white layer. Schools and jobs had been intervened, evacuating people completely. The Armed Forces

Unusual Declarations: Does US allow abduction of Humans in exchange for Extraterrestrial Technology?

In the 1950s, according to whistleblowers, the US government decided that there was nothing wrong with letting gray aliens abduct humans, if the price was right for them.( abduction of Humans) After demolishing several extraterrestrial flying vehicles and using this advanced technology, the Government considered it very profitable to establish channels of communication with the extraterrestrial

The Secret Program of the CIA and the Travels in Time

Portals that connect to other points in time and space have appeared in many books, movies and video games. Some of them connect with distant places, others travel backward or forward in time and the most powerful in different dimensions.(CIA) Most people assume that these entries exist only in the realm of mysticism or science fiction,