The Mystery of John Titor: Traveler in Time of the Year 2036 (Proof of time travel)

The Mystery of John Titor: Traveler in Time of the Year 2036 (Proof of time travel)

The incredible story of John Titor begins on November 2, 2000, where several electronic bulletin boards on the Internet began to present messages of a mysterious character. Identified at the beginning only with the abbreviations TimeTravel_0, this person began a series of conversations about the possibility of traveling in the time, the characteristics that would

US media report six UFOs near International Space Station

Since NASA decided to broadcast audio-video in real time from the International Space Station (ISS), the controversy has been served. Above all, for the numerous cases in which the US space agency has deliberately cut a live transmission by the appearance of inexplicable objects. In January 2015, NASA decided to cut off the signal after

The four extraterrestrial races most hostile to humanity

extraterrestrial races most hostile to humanity Possibly one of the oldest unknowns is how reactionary our society if you have contact with interstellar extraterrestrial beings , and what are their purposes with humanity. Visitors originating from the stars are believed to have technology beyond our comprehension.(extraterrestrial races most hostile to humanity) Some of these alien

NASA announced Discovery of 7 Planets like Earth: 6 could be habitable, and 3 could have oceans!(TRAPPIST-1)

A NASA telescope discovers TRAPPIST-1, a solar system with seven planets like Earth.They have announced it in Press Conference a few hours ago. A dwarf and cold star at 40 light years blanket a planetary system that could harbor life. Scientists have pointed out that at least seven Earth-sized planets orbit around the cold dwarf

This is why the Anunnaki came to earth

Many support the fact that all the stories about the ancient gods go back to a common source: that of the ancient Anunnaki . But what is the true story behind the ancient Anunnakis? Are they really the creators of humanity? What are the chances that our civilization is the product of a super advanced

Alien implants in humans What is the purpose?

Implants, usually found in victims of alien abduction, have been reported below the penis, inside the nasal cavity, in the eye, hand or foot and metal, or their origins are unknown. In 1995, steps are taken to obtain and examine the implant, and this operation is at the expense of Dr. Roger Leir, who will

The CIA declassifies Archives on Pyramids and an extinct civilization on Mars

Among all documents declassified by the CIA, they have just found a transcript of an experiment for which a medium was consulted on Mars.(Pyramids and an extinct civilization on Mars) Last January the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) posted online more than 12 million pages of declassified documents. Among the documents released, which shed