NASA detected how a Comet stops Abruptly: Something never seen before! (Video)

The First UFO sighting of 2018 (footage) : Is the Contact Approaching?

On December 31, many people in the world were eyewitnesses of strange luminaries that accompanied a larger, intense green, that flew over our atmosphere. It was seen on three different continents, and the footage that has been shared on Social Networks was recorded in places very distant from each other: such as Colombia, Cameroon (Africa) and

A supernova recorded in ancient rock art of India?

Occasionally something different from the Moon and the Sun illuminates our sky, it is the remains of a star that has just exploded after running out of fuel, this is called supernova. Now, astronomers in India suggest that the vision of a supernova that exploded thousands of years ago was carved into a rock.(ancient rock art

God particle

The ‘particle of God’ explained to mortals

The European Laboratory for Particle Physics ( CERN ) in Geneva has once again launched the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), with which a couple of years ago, one of the most important discoveries in the field of particle physics in recent decades: the Higgs boson. We explain what is called the ‘particle of God’ and why its

Anita Moorjarin: “I have come back from the Other Dimension with this Message for Humanity

One month of April of the year 2002, the doctors gave Anita Moorjarin, a successful business executive of Indian origin who worked in Hong Kong, a medical diagnosis that erased her successful work and personal present. He suffered from ‘Hodgkin’s lymphoma’, an aggressive type of cancer that attacks the lymphatic system of the body. Four years

Fighter pilot who followed UFO urges world leaders to take extraterrestrial threat seriously(David Fravor)

An American pilot who claims to have chased an alien ship has warned world leaders to take UFO sightings seriously.(David Fravor) Pilot commander David Fravor, retired from the US Navy, spoke in support of former intelligence agent Luis Elizondo , who last week revealed that he had been in charge of the UFO Research Department at the Pentagon called Advanced Aviation Threat. identification Program (AATIP) ( Program identification

A very bright mysterious light in the sky causes panic in a Colombian city

In 2015, the renowned journalist of the newspaper of Colombian newspaper “The City Paper Bogotá” Richard Emblin published some photographs that went around the world. You could see a mysterious object in the form of “eight” on the sky. As Emblin himself explained, the unidentified flying object after taking off, stopped under a cloud and disappeared to the south. But most surprising of

Ex Banker exposes the Elite: Talk about Rituals and Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati Festivities

Ronald Bernard, a Dutchman who gave an exclusive interview exposing the ‘weaknesses’ of the elite, is a recognized banker and claims that he belonged to the order of the Illuminati. In this interview (below) we are introduced to the day to day sacrifices of children starting with their personal experience.(Sacrifices of Children in Illuminati) Ronald has

Spontaneous combustion in Central London: A man dies while riding

Almost everyone has ever heard of so-called spontaneous combustion. Spontaneous combustion is the phenomenon that occurs when a person burns without any external intervention, being in most cases practically reduced to ashes or any part of the body, leaving the rest intact. Normally, the victims of this rare phenomenon usually appear in their homes sitting or

John Lear, Pilot of the CIA: “We control Alien Technology and there are Colonies on the Moon and Mars” (Video)

In an interview with the famous mystery program ‘Coast to coast’ , John Lear, a retired CIA pilot, revealed such amazing things as having secretly gone to the Moon since 1962, which have been on Mars since 1966 and that NASA uses technology from alien spacecraft crashed on Earth in 1953 (the EBE-3).(John Lear) John Lear has