The Reason why there are so many UFO sightings near Volcanic Eruption

Hangar 1: Is the Extraterrestrial Government hiding in this Base?

For years it has been speculating about what is stored inside this hangar or maximum security complex. Citizens of the area do not fail to highlight the strange activity, the schedules to which you begin to see maneuvers or strange things within said complexes. Even causing an incredible unease among the population as uncertainty that may be

Video: Discovered a skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China ? Real or fake ?

A huge and mysterious 18-meter-long skeleton of an unidentified creature has been found by the inhabitants of the Chinese city of Zhangjiakou (in Hebei province).(skeleton of a Dragon of 18 meters in China) In a video recorded in the northeast of China shows a skeleton of a mysterious specimen that begins with a horned ‘dragon’

Controversy: NASA Spacecraft Captures Old Mining Machine on Eros Asteroid? (Video)

The 433 Eros is a peanut-shaped (or peanut) asteroid, and is composed of magnesium and iron silicates, most common in the inner asteroid belt. It was discovered on 13 August 1898 by astronomers Carl Gustav Witt in Berlin and Auguste Charlois in Germany. In February 2001 the NASA spacecraft NEAR Shoemaker landed on its surface.(Old Mining Machine on Eros

Shocking Interview with Former World Bank Executive: “Nonhuman Creatures Control the World”

That “extraterrestrials control the world” is something that has been commented on in the “conspiranoicos” circles for a long time. However, a person who worked in a major institution such as the World Bank, is something else. (Nonhuman Creatures Control the World) Karen Hudes studied Law at Yale University and Economics at the University of Amsterdam. She

Elders of the INUIT tribe alert the World: “The axis of the Earth has been Displaced!”

Inuit Indians have a different explanation of the changes in climate that our planet is undergoing. Several Inuit elders have already openly informed NASA that temperature changes on Earth are due to a natural occurrence: the planet has tilted slightly on its axis.(axis of the Earth has been Displaced) The “Inuit” tribe are indigenous people living