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One third of Humans will ascend to the 5th Dimension: Are you already feeling the Changes?

We are going through a turbulent period in terms of planetary vibration. Since a year ago, it has been accentuating our dimension more and more intensely. There are people who feel the energy both positively and negatively. The sensations that these people can feel, for example, can be nausea, physical discomfort, and that all the food feels

The Stargate of Hayu Marca and it’s Connection with the FBI: Proof of Inter-dimensional Travel

An imposing monument of the Peruvian Sierra de Hayu Marca, discovered only a couple of decades ago, is believed to be the remnant of an ancient stargate that was once in its active history.(The Stargate of Hayu Marca) These unusual beliefs are fueled by both intricate carved rocks and local legends, the native people speak

The Unusual Case of Pedro Oliva Ramírez the Man Who Traveled to a “Parallel Universe” While Driving His Car

From birth we know a single reality (in which we live), but according to some people there could be several. This implies that what does not happen in our world may be happening in another. There may even be many versions of ourselves. Does it seem strange to you? Here we present the strange case of Pedro Oliva Ramírez.(Pedro

The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin, a “Time Traveler” of the year 2,256 (proof of time travel)

In 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin was investigated by the FBI, at the request of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for being under suspicion of insider trading.(Andrew Carlssin) The investigation was born product that the Securities Exchange Security Commission decreed that Carlssin managed to increase its investment portfolio from 800 to 350 million

The Mystery of John Titor: Traveler in Time of the Year 2036 (Proof of time travel)

The incredible story of John Titor begins on November 2, 2000, where several electronic bulletin boards on the Internet began to present messages of a mysterious character. Identified at the beginning only with the abbreviations TimeTravel_0, this person began a series of conversations about the possibility of traveling in the time, the characteristics that would

access of negative entities to our world

Dimensional portals: access of negative entities to our world

The difference between the apparitions of ghosts and the presence of dark or negative entities is really very simple. Ghostly apparitions are a repeated pattern of events that happen again and again in the same way. While the presence of dark entities, of any kind, are energies that are separate, unique and do not repeat

Most Terrifying stories of interdimensional travel

Here are most terrifying stories of interdimensional travel brought to you by infinity explorers team. The idea of parallel universes has boggled the minds of scientists, philosophers, bloggers, and average people alike. maybe we’re simply a sliver of time far from an alternate existence, or maybe regular individuals we pass on the road are beings