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A Video Shows A Strange Creature Right Near The Utah Monolith Site

2020 is not only the year of the pandemic, it is also the year of the Monolith. The mainstream media is widely covering the sudden appearances and disappearances of mysterious structures in many parts of the world.

 It all began on November 23, when the Utah Department of Public Safety, USA, reported having found a metal structure almost 4 meters high in the middle of the desert. 

All sorts of theories quickly emerged as to who or what might have placed the monolith in that location and for what purpose. However, as quickly as those questions arose, the object disappeared, adding more mystery to the discovery.

And it was to be expected that with the uproar caused worldwide, the finding would be discredited or simply “explained” to reassure the masses. And so it has been since apparently it was supposedly withdrawn by lovers of naturalization, more specifically by Sylvan Christensen and Andy Lewis, who announced that they were responsible for having withdrawn it.

 Explaining why the structure was removed, Christensen explained that the revelation of the location of the strange object caused crowds of onlookers to flock to the site, which is not prepared to receive a considerable number of visitors. 

As such, they chose to remove the monolith to avoid degradation of the otherwise pristine natural landscape. However, this version of events does not explain the strange apparitions of monoliths in other parts of the world, much less a recording that has been published on social networks, and that has caused great consternation.

The creature on the Utah Monolith

The situation surrounding the monolith in Utah has become even more mysterious after a video posted on social media showed a haunting creatureTikTok user serg.boy was eager to see the enigmatic monolith for himself, but was disappointed to find that it was no longer there, it had completely disappeared. Only a few rocks were found around it and a metal triangle.

However, after viewing the images, users were stunned to observe a strange figure behind one of the young women . As you can see, the creature seems to emerge from a crack in the rocks behind, and there is even a moment when you can see the outline of a face. Although what is most striking is that none of those present are aware of their presence.

So users quickly reacted to the presence of the disturbing figure. Among the suggested theories were that of demon, a huge bat, or an extraterrestrial being. Some even said it was evidence that the Utah demon and monster stories are real. More specifically they referred to the Skin Walkers, which for Navajo folklore are harmful witches who can disguise themselves as animals.

According to legend, becoming a Skin Walkers requires a bad action, for example, the murder of a close relative. It is then that they literally turn into humans that they have acquired immense supernatural power, including the ability to transform into animals and other people. But the most skeptical considered that it was simply a joke, perhaps a person in disguise.

More unanswered questions

The truth is that it can be anything from a giant bat, an alien, or someone in disguise. But what is clear is that this encounter adds more mystery to the strange appearances of monoliths around the world. Apart from that of Utah and Romania, another California monolith has also been found. Ronelle Volk, a resident of Paso Robles, said he came across an unusual metal structure on December 2 at the top of Santa Lucia Mountain, located in the US county of San Luis Obispo. According to local authorities, this monolith weighs hundreds of kilos and is not attached to the ground, although he admits that he does not know how it got to such a remote place.

A Video Shows A Strange Creature Right Near The Utah Monolith Site

But make no mistake, it is not a new phenomenon. Monoliths of a different kind have been appearing, disappearing, and reappearing on the 1,738-meter-high Grünten Mountain southwest of Munich, Germany for about five years. It quickly became a local landmark much visited by hikers and tourists. Without a doubt, we are facing a phenomenon that has been happening for years but is now receiving media coverage. It was also to be expected that “official explanations” of what happened would emerge, debunking any theory about their extraterrestrial connection and to prevent people from drawing their own conclusions.

I think something similar already happened in the past when the United States Air Force (USAF) created a research group called Project Blue Book (Project Blue Book) with the sole purpose to discredit UFO sightings real. So it shouldn’t be surprising that they are now using the same system for the mysterious monoliths that have appeared all over the world.

What do you think about the video? Is it a giant bat, alien, demon, or someone in disguise? Feel free to comment below.

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