The Amazing Case of Sergei Ponomarenko, a Time Traveler in Kiev

The Amazing Case of Sergei Ponomarenko, a Time Traveler in Kiev

In 2006, a man named Sergei Ponomarenko was wandering lost in Kiev, Ukraine, he was wearing a strange dress and had a camera in his hand as if he were a tourist.
He claimed that he came from the past, that he had left his house to take some photos when he observed a UFO, and while photographing it he suddenly found himself in the future.

Sergei PonomarenkoAn extraordinary case of documents and photographs, in addition to the analysis of the psychologist Parlo Kutrikov, and the expert in photographic development Vadim Posner.

Research indicates that somehow he had traveled from the past jumping into the future half-century, possibly by the presence of a UFO.

Sergei PonomarenkoIn Russia the telecanal one plus one presented the video of the case of Sergei Ponomarenko, in the documentary Time Traveler, where it is reported that on April 23, 2006 a 25 year old man was disoriented walking aimlessly with a camera in the Hand in the streets of Kiev.
2 policemen asked him to identify himself. The man showed them legitimate official documents of the time of the Soviet union, of more than 50 years of antiquity. His name was Sergei Paramarenko.

The cops treated him like he was insane. He was arrested and taken to a psychiatric clinic in Kiev. There, Dr. Pablo Kutrikov investigated Sergei. The consultation of April 26, 2006 was recorded:

P. Kutrikov: How about you tell me something about yourself?

S. Paramarenko: My name is Sergei Paramanenko, I was born in the city of Kiev on June 16, 1932.

P. Kutrikov: Yes? But I would assure you that you are not older than 30 years.

S. Paramarenko: I am 25 years old.

The doctor asked Sergei how it was that he appeared in the year 2006 and then Sergei told about how he was trying to take a picture of a UFO and somehow teleported to this place.

P. Kutrikov: But can you remember how you appeared in our time?

S. Paramarenko: It was daytime and I wanted to go for a walk in the city, I took my camera but when I left my house I saw a strange object that had a bell shape, and it was very strange, and it was flying in a strange way, It is difficult to explain what I was seeing it might be better to look at the photos from my camera and then maybe we can the answer … ”

Dr. Kutrikov decided to reveal the photos. But there was a difficulty. The techniques of development for old cameras like that of Sergei were different from those used in the 21st century.

So they had to look for an expert in photography, Vadim Poisner, who was surprised when he reviewed that roll that was not being manufactured since the 70s.

It was never possible to explain how that roll could be preserved in such good condition for more than half a century, but Poisner managed to reveal all the photographic roll that showed images of the city of Kiev of the decade of the 1950s.

Also a photo of a woman about 25 years old. And another image where Sergei Paramarenko was, even in the same outfit.

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The photograph that caught the most attention was where the UFO appeared in the form of a bell, as described by Sergei before revealing the scroll.

This interview was recorded at 10:39 am on April 25, 2006

P. Kutrikov: Here are the photos revealed … they are from your camera. I am especially interested in this photograph … take a look please.

S. Paramarenko: Now you are convinced that I am telling the truth. I so far do not understand what this object is and how something like that happened to me at the same moment when I took the picture and I went down to look at the camera and somehow I showed up this year.

After talking to Dr. Kutrikov, Sergei went to his room. The clinic’s security camera captured the moment when he entered the room but he was never seen leaving And somehow Paramarenko disappeared.
The only way out was always watched. The windows in the room had bars. It was impossible to escape.

So they investigated and the police investigated Sergei. They confirmed that indeed during the era of the Soviet Union this man existed and that he was declared disappeared in 1960.

The case of Sergei Ponomarenko opens the possibility that a UFO has caused a man to travel in time .. Towards the future? An extraordinary possibility that at the moment is unknown to us all.
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  1. sad his life was stolen. he was taken by UFO and kept unconscious for 50 years then brought to the time he was supposed to live old age and die. he didn’t complete his life span and achieve what he supposed to achieve during his life. he disappeared because by the years 2006 he supposed to be dead

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