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Hybrid Children: Does the Future of Humans and Aliens Depend on These Beings? (Video)

Under the name “The Hybrid Children Community,” this group seeks to recruit foster parents with the offer to “evolve” the human race into a new “subspecies”, when hybrid children (a mixture of aliens and humans) they would be living in large spaceships “return to our planet”.(Hybrid Children) However crazy this idea may sound, the members

Apocalyptic Prophecies: The Myths of the End of Time and the Destruction of the World

There are countless prophecies about the same universal event in different cultures around the world. Judging by the dates that some point out – like the Mayan calendar – and the descriptions offered, many scholars and scientists agree that they refer to the present time. The Judeo-Christian tradition, for example, speaks of the ‘final judgment’ and both

Terrified passengers say the ghost of a woman disappeared after jumping in front of a train

There are many who believe that ghosts are a manifestation of life after death. Although the details vary between cultures, a ghost is generally understood as the bodyless spirit or soul of a person who was among us. Experts in the matter say that a ghost persists in our reality when the person died in a traumatic

Actor Rob Lowe claims to have seen a Bigfoot during the filming of a new television show

There have been numerous sightings of the Bigfoot (also called Bigfoot or Sasquatch) in the last decades, but what is this creature? Is there evidence of its existence? According to American folklore, Bigfoot is a simian creature that inhabits forests throughout the Pacific Northwest. According to reports, Bigfoot is described as a large, muscular, hairy humanoid that is sighted in the United States and

Disturbing video shows a ghost in the mirror of a dance center

The good and frightening videos about ghosts are the “Holy Grail” of paranormal research. Each “ghost hunter” wants to record evidence of its existence, but the reality is that they are very difficult to get. It is for this reason that videos showing supernatural appearances are so strange. Even with the great material on the

The Reality and Fiction of Exorcism!!

The Vatican’s guide to conducting exorcisms states that the signs of demonic possession include “over human strength, aversion to holy water and the ability to speak in unknown languages, as well as spitting, blasphemy, and excessive masturbation.”(Exorcism)   The belief in demonic possession of people is a constant source of terrifying plots, in addition to