The dark side of near-death experiences

near-death experiences
The dark side of near-death experiences

Is there life after death? This is the question that billions of people make. And no wonder, as many individuals who have been on the verge of death or clinically dead have reported experiencing strange experiences. These reports range from out-of-body experiences to a tunnel of light, a sense of well-being, pain relief, and visions of deceased loved ones.(near-death experiences)

And while many of these near-death stories have been described as wonderful experiences, others have had a very different destiny: a dark place where evil, chaos, and despair reign. We are talking about the very last.

Real Experiences in Hell(near-death experiences)

Since the early 1970s, there have been reports of near-death experiences (ECMs) calling on scientists, psychiatrists, and psychologists.Over time, they began performing studies and found that, although some said they had been in a really pleasant place, others visited what can be known as hell. According to a 1978 book written by Dr. George G. Ritchie “Back Tomorrow (Return From Tomorrow)”, his near-death experience was not a pleasant one. Dr. Richie served in World War II when he suddenly suffered pneumonia.

He was transferred to a military hospital and finally declared clinically dead. When doctors were able to revive him nine minutes later, Dr. Richie described his NDE. He said his experience was terrifying, was dead while wandering through a city when found “mysterious figure” who guided him through dark places. The doctor and the mysterious figure went to a bar where people were eating, drinking and smoking. Shortly afterward, everyone present began to fight each other as if they were in a battle. But also he witnessed sexual abuse, perversions that had never seen or thought could exist.

But Dr. Richie has not been the only one to experience this kind of terrifying experiences. One of the best-known cases was that of Veronika-Ulrike Barthel, a woman who was struck by lightning while driving her car in 1981. She described her terrible and frightening ECM. She saw terrifying than those depicted in horror movies creatures. ShHe also saw soldiers marching beside her, and among them were people screaming in pain. According to Veronika, in that place, she could not breathe, because of the terrible smell. But when she was about to return back to our reality, she came to a lake, which resembled the inner part of a volcano, where people were suffering because of great pain.


And possibly the most controversial experience was that of Bill Wiese who claimed to have been in hell itself 23 minutes during his NDE , achieving return with vivid details etched in his memory. In his book“23 Minutes in Hell (23 Minutes in Hell)” , Wiese described as entered in a cell full of ferocious beasts who attacked him mercilessly. While it lasted all his terrifying experience also heard shouts that came from the walls of everything around him and that were of people who were being tortured of similar way. When life returned, 23 minutes passed.(near-death experiences)

near-death experiences

Beyond a simple experience(near-death experiences)

People who assure go to “hell” during an NDE experience say they experience intensely painful feelings. An infernal ECM contains extreme fear, panic, anger and may also contain visions of demonic creatures. On other occasions, people find themselves with demonic entities in a place , with terrifying screams and smells like burnt flesh.

Some experts in the subject believe that the moment a person leaves his body during death accesses a vibrational frequency of energy. However, what is in this place does not correspond for the most part to what they are capable of responding to.


The heavier vibrations come closest to what most people call “hell” and consisting of negative or low of thought residing in the vicinity of the earth plane forms. That is where our darkest feelings, such as obsessions, addictions, fears, guilt, anger, remorse, self-pity, arrogance, resentment, etc., are hidden.

“The individual enters into a meaningless void, which sometimes includes a feeling of despair that life, as we know it, not only no longer exists, actually never existed and was only a cruel joke, an illusion. The individual feels doomed to spend eternity in a meaningless void, “ explains Chris Carter in his book ” Science and experience near-death: how consciousness survives death (Science and the Near-Death Experience: How Consciousness Survives Death “.

near-death experiences

The motivation for change(near-death experiences)

But we do not want to end this publication with a negative connotation. After experiencing a hellish NDE, people return to their earthly life powerfully motivated to change their lives positively. These people feel a strong need to radically change their former lifestyle. Recent studies have found that these types of NDEs are so powerful tools of change that many people are forced to undergo psychological therapy to find a way to face their lives.

Have you had any internal NDEs? Explain your experience?

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