The Earth: Prisoners on a Planet of Slaves, or in a Dimensional Paradise?

Many people have the belief that long ago, inter-dimensional vibrations generated everything that exists: galaxies, solar systems, planets, etc

In the Solar System, multiple groups of Beings inhabited several planets including Planet Earth. In time the Atlanteans arrived. This Atlantean Civilization was united and closely connected with the frequency and vibration of the sound of water. Water is the pure manifestation of sound, as it experiences all vibrations and frequencies.

Water “feels” or “experiences” all kinds of electromagnetic frequencies and vibrations.(The Earth: Prisoners on a Planet of Slaves)

  • Very low-frequency vibrations (frequency <1 Hz).
  • Low-frequency vibrations (frequency between 1 and 20 Hz).
  • High-frequency vibrations (frequency between 20 and 2000 Hz).
  • At that time, the Atlanteans shared the planet with the Sirians, the Reptilians-Serpents, the Anunnaki, the beings of Mars and the Leviticus of Pluto.

In each planet of the Solar System, there was a certain Race of Beings, just as on many planets outside our solar system they also have races of beings that live in them. In that period the planets were divided, containing in each of them races of beings with determined and specific physical expression. In addition to the different expressions are included the Interdimensional Beings.

Science has shown that “hominids” have been on this planet for a long time, yet they have not been able to demonstrate that Homo Sapiens Sapiens or modern man has.

Why do Human Beings exist as we are today?

At one point in time on the planet Earth, the Anunnaki group, promoted by Enki, Enlil, Marduk, and others, in addition to the Sirians, Reptilians-Serpents, Pluto Leviticans, and Mars beings, Certain planets, where specific agreements were created for the creation of life, generating lasting partnerships of collaboration.

The Anunnaki Beings possess a great longevity, arriving to live thousands of years, but like all, at the end, they ended up succumbing to the death in its plane.
The Anunnaki maintained their existence on interdimensional planes since their original planet is situated in another dimension. But Anu, Enlil, and Enki together with their son Marduk, generated the existence of the Human Beings of the Earth.
The human body is designed specifically for its control and management.

Initially, the bodies were composed of Free Election and Free Will powers, but later they were altered to reconvert them to “biological prisons” or “biological robots”. The need for “slave labor or servant” was fundamental to configuring their terrestrial colonies, which became one of their main needs for many races of beings.

It is quite possible that we live and developed in a holographic prison created by superior alien beings in technology and knowledge. Limiting the capacities of the physical body and the subtle bodies of Being, they generated an extremely limited and governable Homo Sapiens existence, which would be bound to earthly physicality, preventing complete spiritual access. How? “Enclosing them in their own reality,” in their own design and in their own mind limited to the physical only.

For the control of these new human beings, they generated the archetype of “a God” that forced a physical settlement and apparent spirituality. These gods were the carriers of the “mental archetypes” that design our social, family and own bases.

The concept of a “God”, forms the mental expression of the Archetype of a Great Being, who from the beyond, outside in space, lives and controls us individually and collectively, managing our lives, and bringing us satisfactions or sufferings, according to their Designs, and should confer on them worship and rituality with which he pays allegiance.

Later human civilizations were generated and also the types of mental archetypes that governed the consciences of these humans were increased.

The cerebral modifications that limit our intelligence, the mental archetypes that limit our consciousness, generated individuals selfish, selfish, separatist and ignorant or blind of their true reality of the Spiritual Being.

Archetypes generated thoughts and beliefs that governed our lives by depositing our earthly and spiritual power in that God, as something greater to us, to which we owed submission and respect. All these thoughts and beliefs have shaped all our civilizations and all their individuals, preventing them from seeing the reality of their Being. But the scenario is that all the answers are before our eyes, in this reality.

Absolute slavery

Marduk decided to generate the earthly prison, since he was the designer and person in charge of the human project that we know today, in mental limitation, mental archetypes, the creation of beliefs and thoughts, and symbols, but other Beings of other races did not find sense to That decision.

One of the most suggestive thoughts beliefs was the creation of the physical relational bond with others through the emotions.
Will there be any human being who can transcend all beliefs, thoughts, mental symbols and emotions that limit us, without getting lost in time and space?

  • Love will be the solution.
  • It will be the self-recognition solution.
  • It will be internal sincerity the solution.
  • It will be the internal expansion solution.
  • It will be inter-dimensionality the solution.
  • It will be the subtle energy solution.
  • Quantum physics will be the solution.
  • The unit will be the solution.
  • The inner Light will be the solution.
  • The fall of the Angels.

Marduk created the design and Anu used that design for his interest. The fall of homo sapiens or “fallen angels” is simply earthly imprisonment. No one fell down just caught them. Finally, we leave the following question: What knowledge or information do we need to leave the Earth Prison or our paradise?

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