Invisibility Shield “Quantum Camouflage” is created by a Canadian company

HyperStealth develops an invisibility shield called Quantum Stealth, or Quantum Camouflage, which uses a material that bends or curves the light.

The Quantum Stealth invisibility shield works like lenticular lenses since its material is capable of bending light, creating areas where objects become so distorted that they become invisible. This futuristic technology was developed by the HyperStealth company, and, in military applications, it can hide soldiers and vehicles like tanks.

HyperStealth Biotechnology Corporation is a manufacturer of military uniforms in Canada. It provides military clothing to governments around the world, to countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. They focus on camouflage technology, and now they have raised the level of engineering.

Invisibility Shield, Quantum Camouflage

Quantum Stealth in operation Invisibility Shield
Quantum Stealth in operation. Credit: Hyperstealth Corp.

As we said, this Quantum Camouflage works in a similar way to lenticular lenses, which are a set of lenses that project images to different angles. It is even capable of doubling ultraviolet and infrared light. In a demonstration, a beam of light from a laser pointer was directed towards the panel. The light changed direction and stretched horizontally.

This new technology works similar to images that appear to be in 3D, depending on which side they are observed. In addition to invisibility, these panels are flexible and thin. Nor do they require a source of energy, and their design and material make it very economical.

The physical principle with which these invention works is known as Snell’s Law. This law is about the levels of light refraction that any material possesses, related to the speed of light of these. This effect can be noticed with something as simple as a spoon in a glass of water. The following video is a demonstration of the shield:

The distorting lens of the Quantum Stealth creates types of “dead zones” that make objects appear to hide. However, it is not a “layer” of invisibility, totally, because the object must be at a certain distance to be invisible. If it is very close, observers can detect it.

Military applications

Example of how the invisibility effect is generated Invisibility Shield
Example of how the invisibility effect is generated. Credit: Hyperstealth Corp.

This futuristic technology began to be developed since 2010, by HyperStealth director Guy Cramer (he was also the inventor). Since then, he has been working with military organizations. The invisibility shield has many military applications. The QuantumStealth website states that it could be used in landings on coasts, to cover pilots of downed planes and even hide a fleet of tanks!

HyperStealth plans to launch this invention in the near future. This invisibility technology will be very revolutionary for the fields of military defense, espionage, and surveillance. But it also worries because of more sinister actions such as some kind of “invisible” siege, attacks or murders.

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