The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin, a “Time Traveler” of the year 2,256 (proof of time travel)

The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin, a “Time Traveler” of the year 2,256 (proof of time travel)

In 2003, a man named Andrew Carlssin was investigated by the FBI, at the request of the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) for being under suspicion of insider trading.(Andrew Carlssin)

The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin

The investigation was born product that the Securities Exchange Security Commission decreed that Carlssin managed to increase its investment portfolio from 800 to 350 million dollars in just two weeks.

In his interrogation Carlssin, 44, said that he traveled in time from 200 years in the future, and that his knowledge was what allowed him to obtain his fortune.(The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin)

“It was too tempting to resist. In 2256 knowledge about the instability of the stock market is something so common that every person who knows the history of the stock market can take advantage of it, “Carlssin said.

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The Strange Case of Andrew CarlssinIn order to corroborate his claims, Carlssin provided some predictions, such as the exact date of the invasion of Iraq, and offered to give Osama bin Laden’s location and cure for AIDS in return for letting him “return to his ship” .

He also declined to disclose the location of the so-called “time machine” and discuss how it would work, fearing that technology could fall into the wrong hands.(Andrew Carlssin)

In addition to this inexplicable story, he agreed that there was no record of him anywhere. Even the photo printed in the New York Times showed that no citizen knew about him.

Currently the SEC and the FBI deny having had any relationship with Carlssin. While lawyer Carlssin noted that they should have met in a court hearing on April 2, 2003, but did not file, he simply disappeared.

Some doubt the media, responsible for disseminating this news, such as Weekly World News, because it has no credibility of importance.

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14 thoughts on “The Strange Case of Andrew Carlssin, a “Time Traveler” of the year 2,256 (proof of time travel)

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    Why not?

  2. Melvin H Wilson

    Why would they need a cure for baldness? In the future, there is not vanity.

  3. Reply

    Do we still have Viagara in 2256?

  4. Juffilamer

    Beside Carlssin. There is a man who wear a sunglasses was also a time traveler. Check his jacket and hair style which is different from the other people beside him.

  5. Reply

    So we have at least another 200 years on this planet

  6. Reply

    read ken meaux time traveler about accidental time traveler

  7. John Burr

    Maybe he disappeared because the changes he made to the timeline caused him not to be born…


    I also am from the future… As we time traveler’s come here in the year 2017, we see why the population was decreased drastically. The people in this timeline are very violent twords one another…? We don’t understand why does the Human race continue to attack the opposite race because of the Color of your skin , your Religious belief’s ,and political points of view… Aren’t we all the same color underneath the color of our skin? And doesn’t our religion’s teach us there’s only one GOD? And if mankind didn’t put money and greed before himself and his brethren you people of 2017 could prosper yourselves to a higher level of living together as one world… If you take this message and put it to good use ,you can save yourselves and the planet from total annihilation…… Take heed to this message and you all shall be saved from self-destruction…. Be not afraid

    1. Reply

      Obviously youre makin up youre a time traveller cuz u still have religion i hope to the flying spaghetti monster by 2246 everyone has woke up and realized religions for money power and some what order

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    Obviously people from the future don’t know how to spell!

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      Lol, I thought I was the only one that noticed that spelling error.

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    i like turtles…

  11. Yusuf Maimoon

    there is no such time traveling in this world, at least not in the past. Let’s say if in future our technology gets some improvements then we’ll only be able to travel in the future. Yes, there are also many things will come into the frame which makes us think impossible. What if someone travels into the past and kills his parents? then how will he take birth and go to the future? and what if he goes to the future and but his death is written after the 10 sec of his depart to the future? so basically these are the things which make us think that going to the future and past in impossible. Yes, we might be able to see our past if we manage to go to some other planets which are far away from us and if we create some big telescope to see the earth from another planet. Because light reflection will take thousands of years to reach to that planet and we will be able to see our ancient.

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