The Midnight Game- Creepiest Game Ever

The infinity explorers team is back with an interesting post about the ancient Midnight game.

The “Midnight Game” is an ancient Pagan ritual, used primarily as punishment for people who have broken the laws of the religion in question.

While it was primarily used as a scare tactic to not disrespect the gods, there’s still a very existent probability of death to people who play the midnight Game.

There is a fair higher probability of permanent mental scarring. it’s extremely suggested that you just don’t PLAY THE midnight GAME.

However, for those few thrill seekers checking out a rush, or for those delving into obscure occult rituals, these are straightforward directions on how to play. Do this at your own risk.

Midnight Game

  • No. of player required – Minimum 1

The minimum no. of players required is 1 but you can increase it as suitable to you

  • Material required

You will need a candle, a sheet of paper, a writing tool, matchsticks, salt, a wooden door, and at least one drop of your own blood. If you are playing with multiple people, they will need their own of the aforementioned materials and they will have to perform the steps below accordingly.

The following steps must be followed to start the game

Step 1) Write your full name on a piece of paper. Put at least one drop of blood on the paper. Allow it to soak into the paper.

Step 2)Turn off all of the lights within the place you’re doing this. visit your door, and place the paper together with your name on it ahead of the door. Now, take out the candle and light it. Place it on top of the paper.

STEP 3) Knock on the door twenty-two times. The hour should be 12:00 AM upon the last knock. Then, open the door, blow out the candle, and shut the door. now you have simply allowed the “Midnight Man” to enter your house.
STEP 4) Immediately relight your candle.
This is wherever the most terrifying night of your life begins. you need to currently wander your currently completely dark house, with the lit candle in your hand. Your goal is to avoid the midnight Man at all costs, till 3:33 AM. should your candle ever extinguish, meaning the midnight Man is close to you. you need to relight your candle within the next 10 seconds.
If you’re not victorious in doing this, you need to then right away surround yourself with a circle of salt. If you’re unsuccessful in each of your actions, the midnight Man can produce a hallucination of your greatest fear, and burst out your organs one by one. you’ll feel it, however you’ll be unable to react.
If you’re victorious in making the circle of salt, you need to stay in there till 3:33 AM.
If you’re victorious in relighting your candle, you will proceed with the sport. you need to continue to 3:33 AM, while not being attacked by the midnight Man, or being trapped within the circle of salt, to win the midnight Game. The midnight Man will possibly leave your house at 3:33 AM, and you’ll be safe to proceed along with your morning.

Indications that the Midnight Man is near include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • you may feel a sudden temperature drop
  • Whispering sounds
  • Appearance of figures in dark
  • The candle going out

The midnight game

 lights, flashlights should not be turned on and you must not fall asleep or leave your home before 3:33 am

what do you guys think about this game?

Feel free to share any such games you have heard about.

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