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‘Time Traveler’ predicts a War between Humans and Aliens

A time traveler has revealed that he can not travel physically with time, but he can leave the body and see a War between Humans and Aliens race in the future.

War between Humans and Aliens

The signs are unmistakable. The evidence is everywhere. The laws of space and time collapse while you are watching this video. YouTube has revealed its presence. They are time travelers.

Can anyone really deny that time travelers move fluidly throughout our history? The surprising images that we can see in an infinity of videos on the net show supposed people of the future in the past and thanks to the Internet millions of users are convinced that they are the best evidence of the existence of travelers over time.

From people photographed with technological devices before they were made to famous people portrayed before they were born, are just some of the best evidence ever achieved.(War between Humans and Aliens)

There are many evidences that seem to show that time travelers exist. The phenomenon even caught the attention of the scientific community, who have been searching for time travelers on the Internet for some time.

Scientists from the Technological University of Michigan believe that if a person learned to travel in time in the future, he should have left some “trace on the Internet”. But in any case, after analyzing all these evidences, you decide to believe or not in the next experience.

A time traveler has revealed that he can not travel physically with time, but he can leave the body and see a war between humans and a hostile alien race in the future.

Ason Quitt, a self-proclaimed time traveler, spoke recently on a radio program and said that in the future there will be a war between aliens and humans, here we can make a point for those skeptics on the subject since at least it is interesting to listen what this traveler wants to tell us.

Because we are in a moment of advance of the discovery of governmental agencies accepting and declassifying that they investigate the UFO phenomenon and so many infiltration information that tells us the technological advances and the wars that are being fought over our heads, why not imagine that minds privileged people can leave their bodies and see with their own eyes what will happen in the future?(War between Humans and Aliens)

War between Humans and Aliens

We believe in UFOs, in what is natural, in alien races that walk among us and thus a long etc … this is a sequel more than what can reach not only our mind, but also that we are capable of doing and that entities of other dimensions can perform with our subconscious so that we can travel both in the present and direct us to the future.

In fact, and putting us in the background, the man who established himself as a multidimensional time traveler, made these amazing revelations when he spoke on this week’s Coast to Coast AM radio show.(War between Humans and Aliens)

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A radio program on a well-known international and prestigious radio in the USA, which we talked about many times on Planet Snakedos.

For Jason Quitt, the impending war between aliens and humans will be very feared in all its aspects, and which will force humanity to change the existing world order. Quitt also made it clear that he can not change the future, thus creating a paradox.

At one point, Quitt revealed that he witnessed a technologically advanced city where people could communicate with people and objects using telepathy. He also revealed that future human beings are integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) which we can appreciate today by advances.

The traveler in time made clear some important aspects in the course of history but specifically mentioned that the government in the future will actually be a presence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) extracted from every person on earth.

Jason Quitte is slowly emerging as a popular personality among conspiracy theorists around the world. In several speeches and interviews, Jason Quitte made clear what we mentioned at the beginning of his story, which does not have the ability to travel physically in time, but can travel through time leaving his body, very similar to the concept of bilocation or astral travel.(War between Humans and Aliens)

What do you think about the story of Jason Quitte? Could it be that he is telling us the truth? 

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