We Live in a hologram created by advanced alien technology states NASA scientist.

We Live in a hologram created by advanced alien technology states NASA scientist.

Who says there are no NASA scientists with an open mind?(we live in a hologram)

One of them suggests that we live in a hologram created by Aliens with advanced technology. What if anything. you’ve done or do, it is only a product of highly sophisticated computer program? Every relationship, every feeling, every memory is a process generated by banks of supercomputers.(We live in a hologram)

When this fascinating theory first came Nick Bostrom, professor of the Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University and founding director of the Institute for the future of mankind and Programme impact of future technologies. This theory is supported by several other scientists.(we live in a hologram)

Server MessageToEagle.com previously reported that Richie Terril, director of the Center for Evolutionary computing and automated design of jet propulsion Laboratory, NASA indicated that our creator is a cosmic computer programmer.(we live in a hologram)

That might well mean that we live in a holographic world and everything around us, including ourselves is not “real”. Rich Terril takes this point of view. “Right now the fastest supercomputer NASA perform calculations twice the speed of the human brain,” said the NASA scientist.(we live in a hologram)

we live in a hologram

“In quantum mechanics, particles do not have a final status until their observations are done. Many theorists have spent large amounts of time trying to understand why so. One possible explanation could be that we live inside the simulation and see only what we need to see at the moment. “(we live in a hologram)

“I find it inspiring that even if we lived within a simulation or some of its much lower levels, somewhere in that process we missed something from the original sludge that happened to us and it came to the simulation that created us.”(we live in a hologram)

The idea that our universe is a fiction created by a computer program addresses many inconsistencies and mysteries of the cosmos. For example, our quest for extraterrestrial life and the mystery of dark matter.(we live in a hologram)

However, there are also those who think that the Matrix theory is not correct. “The theory seems to be based on the assumption that” Thoughts “may work much the same way as we do,” says Professor Peter Millican, who teaches philosophy and computer science at Oxford University.(we live in a hologram)

“If you think that this world is a simulation, so why not also consider that beyond this simulation, they would be reduced by the same kind of thinking and methods as we do? They believe that the tallest structure in the real world can not be similar to the grid, but that thought would have to implement a virtual world using grids.(we live in a hologram)

“We can not assume that the grid structure is proof of virtual reality just because our way of introducing virtual reality requires the grid.”(we live in a hologram)[huge_it_share]

Professor Millican however, believe that it is worth to examine this idea.

“It’s an interesting idea, and sometimes having crazy ideas is beneficial to health,” he told the Telegraph. “We do not censor ideas depending on whether it look reasonable or not, because sometimes there is important progress, although initial idea seemed to be completely misguided.” “You never know when the unusual thinking is a good idea.”

Even if it came to nothing, the habit of thinking about the foolish things at some point may bring an idea that at first may seem a bit off, but the result may be not so crazy.

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