What Is an Archangel? Understanding Archangels and What They Do

You’re facing a challenging ordeal, and you feel stuck and misunderstood. But fortunately, you don’t have to feel alone. Why? Because even when you’re alone, you’re never truly alone.Not as long as the archangels are hard at work advocating on your behalf to get your prayers delivered and answered.
Are you asking yourself, “What is an archangel, anyway?” Here’s a rundown on who the archangels are and what they continually do for you, whether you realize it or not.

What Is an Archangel?

If you’re wondering “Who are the archangels,” an archangel is one of the most important angels who work for God. God, the highest being, has given archangels the critical task of overseeing life on Earth. This includes maintaining order in the world and helping souls to develop spiritually. However, not all archangels are alike.

Every archangel possesses a unique skill set that works with those of the archangel’s counterparts. This orderly collaboration is designed to help the archangels to help Earth’s inhabitants as effectively as possible. At the same time, the angels are able to work in alignment with the plans of God and Heaven.

The First Six Archangels

So, exactly how many archangels are there? As a general rule of thumb, there are 12 archangels you should know about. So, we’ll go over the names of the angels of God and their duties.
The first archangel is Azrael. This angel’s job is to comfort friends and family who have lost loved ones. The second archangel is Sandalphon. This angel is said to deliver prayers to the realm of the spirit. Thus, he connects heaven and Earth.

The third angel is Chamuel. This angel helps us to find compassion and love in ourselves, which enables us to draw more positivity to ourselves in our environments.The fourth and fifth archangels are Gabriel and Metatron. Gabriel’s role is to pass God’s messages to humankind. Meanwhile, Metatron helps people who feel stressed and need organization, motivation, or discipline. The sixth archangel is named Raguel. This angel helps us to pursue honesty and truth in others and ourselves.

Second Set of Six Archangels

Now, let’s go over the last 12 archangels you should be familiar with. The seventh archangel is Jeremiel. This angel offers hope by helping souls to pass from Earth to the realm of the spirit.
Meanwhile, the eighth archangel is Uriel. This angel helps people to achieve their higher selves spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. The ninth archangel is Ariel. This archangel is known as the healer and guardian of animals.

Next is the 10th angel, Zadkiel.
This angel is important because he helps people to forgive both others and themselves. The 11th angel is named Raziel. This angel helps people to increase their belief and faith in God. Finally, the 12th angel is Jophiel. This angel helps people to develop confidence and thus overcome their insecurities.
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